Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On Monday I was at Trent and Michelle's house, supposedly helping her, but really just cooking dinner, telling her to sleep when the baby did, and loving those kids.

All morning I told Enoch to find me a story book and I would read to him. He had other ideas. So, when Levi came home from kindergarten, and after he had eaten lunch, I told him I would read to him if he could bring me some books.

"I'm going to write some words," he said, getting a small notebook. Then we had a half hour of, "how do you spell this, Grandma?"

Periodically I would say, "If you get me some books I'll read to you and Enoch."

Finally he had had enough. "Grandma," he said, with his hands on his hips. "When I get finished you can read
my words."

And so it was.

In his story there was a king and all manner of excitement, with words all run together and letters pointing backwards.

A five year old author. I'm expecting great things from Levi.

PS Baby Hyrum is number eight!