Thursday, September 2, 2010


Don't you just adore your friends? Could you do without them? Me neither. Yesterday, I emailed my darling friend in California: "I ate a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream in three days." I had to confess to someone, and now I've confessed big time.

She wrote back, "I ate three gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream in one day." I laughed right out loud and then I read: "Not really, but practically."

That's how friends are. They want their misdeeds to be bigger than your misdeeds so you will feel better. (And I think she knew it would make me laugh.)

Tonight my hard-working-gardening-friend delivered to me--DELIVERED, I didn't even have to go get them--well, I couldn't because my adorable clown car delivered it's headlight's switch right into my hand the other day so its a day-time only car at the moment. Anyway, my friend, who was exhausted from all her gardening work, brought me a HUGE bag of the prettiest tomatoes you've ever seen. (Our garden this year is having a tantrum and it is Pitiful, with a capital "P." It's a good thing I canned tomatoes last year because there won't be any of that done this year.)

She gave me a huge bag of crookneck squash just a few days ago. That's how friends are. Thinking of my needs above her own--I KNOW she wanted to soak in a nice bubble bath or zone out in front of the TV instead of getting in her car and coming to my house.

Friends stop by my blog and leave nice compliments, even though I was in a bloggy-snit and didn't post--or read anyone else's posts--for weeks. Once I did post, they commented.

Another friend knows I am having an attitude adjustment--or I need an attitude adjustment--over something I really, truly should do. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is--I'm embarrassed. Anyway, she said, "Let's go do it tomorrow. I'll go with you. It will be good. I promise." And I will, and it will be, and then one of my fears will be lain to rest and it will be because she saw my need and she filled it. She's even willing to wait until I drag out of bed at 11:00 (because I have insomnia and the great-sleeping-sickness all at the same time).

Another friend dropped everything today to go run errands with me. We ended up at Chili's having queso dip--but she was willing to do the errands with me first. At a moment's notice she will drop what she's doing and go with me. I love that about her.

Only Mormon's will understand this one--yesterday, which was September first, I finally got around to doing my August Visiting Teaching. Two of the women gave me big hugs and told me they loved me. Me--the slacker. Me--the one who is supposed to be watching over them. I had to leave a letter and the message on the third woman's door because the third woman is Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Bird is simply never home, she is out doing interesting things so I will have something to blog about.

So, today, September second, I am declaring Lynne Snyder's Friendship Appreciation Day--and most of them did not get mentioned here because there's only so much a tired insomniac can do. Here's to you, all my dear friends: Live long and prosper.

That's quite a catchy phrase, isn't it? Maybe I should write for movies. What do you think?


peihome said...

Lynne, you are so lucky to have such friends! Lovely post - thanks for sharing with us!

Annette said...

As I saw the title of this post, I thought, I'm so glad I have Lynn as a friend. It was two years ago that you were encouraging me to start a blog. I really never would have done it without your encouragement, and doing it has really blessed my life. You bless so many lives with your funny, insightful, and heart-tugging posts. Thank you for being you.

hillary said...

I want some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Plus, you have such great friends because your relationships are most important to you and they can feel it.

Karen Deborah said...

i think i adore you no matter what kind of mood your in. i have been having a pit of a time myself but now things are starting to be better.
count me in i wanta be yer friend too. everybody should have at least one friend from MS.

depression is tough, been there done that got the t-shirt and the prozac.

Anonymous said...

My crazy are great!! I do hope to live long....I'm working on the prosper thing, the problem with that is I keep starting over! Friends are a good thing! I am fortunate to have many like you. Lots of them live close to you! I know! Let's have a "Friends Reunion"!!! Love you all.

Cheryl Day said...

The anonymous person remark is me Cheryl I told it my name....computers!

Tierney said...

What if your friend really did eat three gallons of ice cream, and she has one in each of her buttocks and one in her belly. I bet it wouldn't be cute. Trust me. You are my favoritest ever.