Saturday, October 16, 2010


Don't even bother reading's long and depressing.

Our neighbors gave us some of the most wonderful apples on the planet and my busy little brain--and I emphasise the "little" part--decided it was time to can Apple Pie Filling.

One year, the kids and I canned over 50 quarts in the fall. They stuck with me until we were all finished and at one point--one of the favorite memories stored in my little brain--is when Trent picked up a double handful of the peelings--picture a pile of those about a foot high--and threw them in the air and yelled, "Happy New Year!" Gosh, I love that kid. (Well, he's a man with a wife and 7 kids but to me he will always be a kid.)So, today I watched things I had recorded on TV--The Event, House, NCIS, Katie Brown Workshop, 16 minutes of Studio 5 about photography, and other things that my tiny little brain cannot recall at the moment--while I peeled apples, but right from the start things went wrong.

I spilled apples all over the floor and the noise of the stainless steel, pan hitting the floor, annoyed people two blocks away, and permanently damaged my hearing.
Then I couldn't remember how to load the apple peeler and so had to peel and slice a lot of the apples by hand. Then, my brain--the little one--kicked in and remembered how to do it right.
I think the highlight of my day was seeing previews of the movie "Unstoppable,"......with Denzel Washington......and it's rated PG 13. Hooray! (We don't go to "R" rated movies.)Lookit, there are men running on top of trains......and trains crashing......and trains blowing up and school kids on a field trip and other exciting things.Which is more than the excitement of my apple pie filling boiling over and six out of eighteen of the jars NOT SEALING because of the boiling over bit and even the sight of all this bounteous beauty cannot mend my broken heart about 1/3 of my efforts a failure. Another day, another failure.

Phil opened one of the non-sealed ones and ate it over ice cream and said he didn't care if any of them sealed as he would eat them all, one after another, on ice cream, and it was the tastiest stuff in the world. He's nice like that and my love for him grew some more, if that were even possible, because I am already rather fond of him.

And so, now six quarts will have to find a spot in the fridge or freezer. I hope we can go see "Unstoppable" (hopefully soon) to mend my wounded heart, but right now I'm going to go have a good cry in my huge pillow--pronounced "pilla"--and know that tomorrow will be a better day. Hopefully. And because it's Sunday, I will have a nice Sunday nap after church.

I should have consulted The Damsel from Old School--she knows how to do everything and she even has a blog of the 50 best canning sites, which I looked at--too late, but I did look at them--and did you know you can can bacon? (Or maybe "can can" is a dance. I should ask The Damsel.) And did you know you can can rabbit and squirrel? (They do a lot of that in Minnesota, I guess.) And there is even an article--thanks Damsel--about Mormon Food Storage Techniques. I should definitely have gone there first as this Mormon was not doing things right.

If you have had a recent failure would you please tell me so I can know that I'm not the only one in the whole wide world that does things inadequately. Thanks so much.

And come on over. I'll give you some apple pie filling with ice cream underneath.

PS Knock loud, because I might not hear you because of my damaged hearing. And if I don't answer the door just stick you head in and yell, "Yo-hoo." (There's not enough yo-hooing done now-a-days.) But if it's on a Sunday after church, I'll be napping, so you might have to get in the fridge and get your own.

PPS I have never actually made an apple pie with the 100's of jars of apple pie filling I've made over the years. We just heat it up and eat it as a side dish. You should make some--that is if you can can successfully--or dance, either. I'll put the recipe on my cookbook blog soon.


Lee said...

YUMMY. I need to read up on this, as we have about 10 apple trees on our property. I have no icea what kind. I made applesauce, but froze it because I have no canning equipment. Most of the apples are on the ground though, I don't know how to get them off the top!! LOL. Picture me climbing up and getting stuck. Or falling out. The other thing is, we don't spray or anything, so they are wormy and don't have a lot of meat on them. That being said, they are free, and the local orchard is SO expensive. So, get a hearing aide, I'll be knocking on your door soon!!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Your apple pie filling looks beautiful...and guess what, even the most experienced canners have jars that don't seal. It's SO common for at least 1 out of the 7 to be obstinate. And holy cow, you have canned so much pie filling in the last few years that you definitely qualify as "experienced." Lucky family!

Michael Rawluk said...

I gave a yo-hoo but there was no answer so I just came in and had ice cream and pie filling.

Betsy said...

You are so cute! Sorry your apple day was so...eventful. :) They look wonderful, though! And I agree with your hubs...over icecream..yum!

whirligigdaisy said...

Well, I've had a failure of a weekend and I didn't even attempt something as amazing as you did. So how's that. Failing at dumb things, not even big ones. And hey, you had more success than failure, right?

Karen Deborah said...

your way to hard on yourself, your missing an eye and now the ears and we won't even start on your brian so to me your canning day was a triumph of victory! So dig in and eat up!

you know your adorable.

Anonymous said...

We'll take a bottle of failed apple pie filling. Brent will eat it over ice cream and praise the day you made a mistake or a mishap or just a little goof. you goof ball you! you make me laugh.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH MY I WISH you were my neighbor!!!!!!! i would make pies ... with ice cream on top and woudl yell yooo hooo and would help peel and slice and and and... YUMMM
lets me my latest not so great venture.. cause there are several each day...

Tierney said...

re-looking at old entries, and I love the drama shot with the apples rolling all over the floor. It is good excitement!