Saturday, January 8, 2011


When you don't want to blog and your computer is acting nicely you don't fret about the future. When you want to change your blog photo and post a blog with pictures and your computer--or Blogger, but I tend to vote for the computer--won't let you then you are frustrated.

I have to come to Phil's site/home/whateverthisis, because on mine I can't even pull up a web page, not even Google. Now we do have a new computer, sitting in the box but how two computer duffuses--would that be duffi?--are going to get it up and running I don't know. And, how will I retrieve my favorites/bookmarks? I will lose my people, my "I will buy this when I have money" sites, etc. In fact, how will I continue to breathe in and out w/out my memory? I have computer Alzheimer's .



Anonymous said...

lol, I feel your pain.
I'm not a total computer duff, but it can be challenging.
Do you have any friends with teenagers who might be in the know?
If not, maybe hire a free-lance computer geek who will come to your house.
You CAN save all your bookmarks/favorites/pics to disk and then transfer them to the new computer. Just google the steps, or better yet, but a beginner's computer book!
Good luck!

Laura~peach~ said...

OH i so can relate... to get all my bills re set up to hunt down my favotire bloggers (thankfully that part was easy they are in my blog roll) but i digress I miss you hope you are up and running fast!

Cindy said...

Follow along with me, through the nose and out through the mouth. Good, through the nose and out through the mouth.
See you can do it, you can breathe.

Check out this if you use Firefox.

And this is you use Internet Explorer.

It is a love/hate relationship with computers isn't it??

hillary said...

At least you didn't loose your cell phone with all the cute pictures of your cute brand fresh baby from the Hospital on it.


You'll be OK with your new computer, just as long as you admit you are a website hoarder.

Shantel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you just make me laugh - I love your metaphors!

Tierney said...

You haven't been blogging, my love! Was just checking before stumbling to bed. Lots of love.

Ami said...

I haven't heard from you in awhile! How are things?

Bonnie said...

Lynne, How are you? I have been thinking about you so much lately