Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Do you ever have a thought cross your mind, kind of like, "Humm, I'll bet four extra large eggs are too many for this pie, even though the recipe says four eggs. I better only put in three, because after all, they are extra large?" And then the thought disappears, because you seem to be drafty, and then when the pie flows all over the place you remember.

Me too. And I'm taking this pie to Achievement Days tomorrow to show the girls one of the joys of Rhubarb Buttermilk Pie.

And not only that, the timer just went off, the pie has been in the oven an HOUR and the toothpick came out juicy.

I love it when I get to show the girls how not to do stuff. I'm nothing if I'm not a bad example. Everyone should have a bad example in their lives. It makes life bearable somehow, knowing you are superior to someone else.

I need to find someone who's worse at all things homemaking-ish than I am. Then life will be sweet. Like pie.


The Peterson Family said...

Just had to say - at least you were smart enough to put a cookie sheet in there:) I would have forgotten that, too!
And you have an open invite to my house anytime - you would DEFINITELY feel a lot better about your homemaking skills after visiting my house. Good think schools out in 6 days our we might be buried alive. I've considered calling some of those TV shows...I don't think we can call "Hoarding" yet, but I wish "Clean House" would come to Hawaii. Hmmmm, maybe I should invite them.

The Peterson Family said...

thing - not think.
Wish I was smart enough to edit my comments before I posted them.

Laura~peach~ said...

you were 100% correct most recipies that call for eggs refer to large eggs ... so if i have small i use more... exttra large then less... and yeah for the cookie sheet and I woudl love a rhubarb pie please... :)

Cindy said...

Oh, Lynne, at least you made a pie!! I bet it still tasted delicious!!

I often wonder about my homemaking skills too! I am sure you are much better than you think. Big hugs!!

tierneyzan said...

Pretty, pretty sleepover girls. You started blogging again!!! Rhubarb buttermilk, that sounds delicious! Even extra-eggy I will bet it is divine.

Annette said...

THe answer to your question is, "Always!" I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you.

Kathy said...

Lynne, you are wonderfully adorable!