Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday, after my part time job, I went to the Personal History luncheon, which we hold once a month. I took the ugly salad on my cookbook site and Sarah had made candied yams and everyone else brought desserts, which is just about right.

After taking my 96 year old friend, Mona, home, I hightailed it to Smith's because it was the last day of their case lot sale. (See yesterday's post.) After I was finished shopping I started the car...almost. It was doing it's Clown Car antics. Tried again, nothing. So I did what I always do in any bad situation. I call Phil. He is my "voice of reason." I knew he couldn't help but I called him anyway. He told me it was probably flooded and to just let it sit for a while and then try again.

So, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and looked at all the fingernail stuff for 20 minutes and then I went to Tuesday Morning and looked at all the stuff that is supposed to be terrific bargains but just seems like a bunch of junk, with some good stuff mixed in. All of it was higher priced than I think it should be, but I spent a good half hour or so and then I left and thought I'd try to start the Clown Car again.

Just outside of Tuesday Morning I met Taylor, my son. "Oh, Mom," he said, "you're all right." And then he gave me the biggest hug. It was worth an hour of inconvenience to get a hug like that.

"We've called and called you."

"You have?"

And so I looked at my phone and there were 17 missed phone calls, from him and Phil. (I had the phone on vibrate at work and hadn't changed it.)
I also had a bunch of texts that said things like, "Are you okay?" "Where are you?" "WHERE ARE YOU?!?"

Both Phil and Taylor had come to my rescue.

The car started right up.

Taylor rode home with me to make sure I was all right.

Phil followed us to make sure the car wouldn't quit on me.

I must be loved.


Cindy said...

Yes, indeed you are loved. So nice to see you back blogging!!

Colette Amelia said...

awww, and you didn't know it? We all love you!

It sure does feel good to see it and feel it though doesn't it!

there must be a blog bug in the air these days...

Michael Rawluk said...

Two blog days in a row? This is scary.

tearese said...

I always put my phone on vibrate and then forget about it. Or forget to turn it on at all. Lucky you to have so many people to help take care of you.

hillary said...

Oh how I wish I lived 8 minutes away still and you could have called me and I would have zoomed right over and met you at both of those places so you wouldn't be so bored shopping by yourself,,,I mean... waiting for your car to calm down... Oh how I wish... But then you would have missed out on that excellent Taylor hug and that would have been a bummer. Oh well.