Monday, October 8, 2007


My life is crazy for a person who does nothing. Perhaps I'm so busy doing nothing that I can't figure out how to do something because there is no time--because I'm doing nothing.

There are about three or four books I'm trying to read. I already have about ten scattered around, in various stages of beginning, hardly any are in the middle and none toward the end. I have a couple of friends who want to start reading The Artist's Way and report how we're doing via email. Now I have a copy of this book somewhere--I just can't find it. So, I guess I'll have to order a new copy. And try to find time to do the assignments.

I try to read the Book of Mormon every day and want to start reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love with Phil a couple of times a week. There are some good ideas in there for marriage. I'm seriously thinking that the book would be a good wedding gift.

I also ordered magazine subscriptions when Amazon had $10 off of two. Why I didn't order at least one for my husband I don't know. So now I will have two magazines a month to read too.

Plus all my church work--including getting our Christmas Enrichment program figured out. It is going to be on December 4th. It's already October 8th--that seems like a lot of time doesn't it? Not so. And I have to give a lesson in Relief Society on November 4th. What on earth am I going to give it on?

In the meantime I write one personal history story each week and something for my writer's group every two weeks, go to a Book of Mormon class every week and there is always a free class I want to go to now and then.

I'd like to clean house and cook dinner every day but honestly, there is no time.

And, suprise, suprise, I really like to go to lunch at least once a week.

Shopping is nice too. It's better to go with a friend. They can find good stuff you miss and that's fun. Expensive if you decide it's something you can't live without, but fun. And then we go out to lunch after--again, so that's lunch out a couple of times a week. Hopefully.

I have decided that the married girls--my daughter, my daughters-in-law and one of their sisters want to do a Girls Day Out once a month. Now that is something really worthwhile. I've got to schedule that in.

So, what's the answer. Simplify. I'm sure that's it. And that would mean decluttering my house which means housework, which I don't have time to do because I'm too busy. Probably doing nothing.

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Pam said...

See, Lynne, when you start thinking about what you're doing, you really are doing something, not nothing! Think of all those pickles, and the preserves.