Thursday, October 25, 2007


How can anyone remember all the passwords we are supposed to remember to navigate the Internet? I just tried to leave a comment on my son's blog--it was about his son's Pine Wood Derby car. The blog sign-in-spot said I had the wrong password. So I found the email that was sent to me when I first left a comment and copied and pasted the password. Nope, wrong password, it said. So I requested a new one. It came. I copied and pasted it. Nope, wrong password. So, not only can I not remember my password but neither can the site that sent it to me.

I have a password for e-bay, one for PayPal, one for Amazon, a bunch for banking, and when I set the bank ones up I did it in such a frenzy that I'll never remember them again. I won't check my balance online anyway, it scares me that some hacker will do his/her thing and then my account will be zero. I have a password for this blog and I usually can remember it but my user name is a stickler. I try one or two and finally stumble on the right one.

How do people remember all this stuff?

And why do sites that you aren't going to spend money on require a password? I went to a recipe site once that wanted me to sign in with a password. No thanks. I don't need to know how to cook/bake/saute/chop/slice/etc. that bad. I'll go somewhere else to look up recipes that I'm never going to use anyway. It's a hobby, not a life skill I'm going to actually learn. Except for Pioneer Woman's blog. I might actually try something she makes some day. Her photos are pretty amazing.

And just in case Trent checks my blog some day here's what I wanted to say: I can't wait to see the non-winning Pine Wood Derby car. I'll bet it looks great and your number-one-son is a winner, no matter when his car crossed the finish line. I'll see it Saturday when your cute little wife goes to play with us ALL DAY. Happy tending!


PS Elizabeth says the flower holder you bought for me at Swiss Days is an insense burner. Who knew? I love it anyway. And you.

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n7gmt said...

Passwords are a bee-otch no matter which way you go: if you use the same password everywhere, you're using insecure procedures and you're going to get yourself in trouble; if you use different passwords for each different thing, there are so many passwords that you have to write them down somewhere, which means someone could steal them, and you're going to get yourself in trouble.

Like Bart said of paradoxes: damned if you do, damned if you don't.

P.S. Elizabeth is the one smoking something. The flower holder is a flower holder. There's nowhere to put incense, but there is somewhere to put flowers. I won't say anything about the guy that made them and what he said they were, though. No need to beat that horse.