Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tonight was our Christmas Relief Society dinner and program--it used to be called Enrichment, I'm not sure what it is called now. We held it in our old building--YAY!--which has been being remodeling for eleven months (and two weeks). It was good to be home. I couldn't believe how much I loved being back.

The Relief Society has been collecting jammies for the Division of Family services--photos of the jammies here (thank you, Annette)--to use when children have to be removed from homes because of violence, etc. Then, after dinner, we had a Christmas program and it really got to me, I bawled like a baby. (I've needed a good cry for a while.) I looked around at my friends, and was overcome with love for them. I am so lucky for so many reasons and friends are right at the top of the list.

Meg (who doesn't blog often enough) and I checked out the stage because on Friday we will be having another program for the whole ward. Meg and I were put in charge of the program NINE FREAKING DAYS AGO. Wish us luck. If I never blog again you will know I've been run out of town.

Actually, we hope to set a record for the only Mormon family dinner where the kids WILL NOT run wild. They will see Santa in the Primary room at 5:30 and then at 6:00 will be escorted into the cultural hall where they will join their parents and older siblings for dinner and the program. Like I said, wish us luck.

And then, just because, here is some winter lace that was on my driveway this morning.


Julie Harward said...

Good luck with the ward party..I know that it is so much work! We had ours last night, it was just ok...so I really send my best to you for the effort you will put forth! Winter ice huh...I will have to start looking for that! Come say hi :D

Lorraine said...

You do lovely things Lynne and I love your icy photo )

Annette said...

I wondered what you and Meg were doing wandering around on the stage in the dark! And here I was thinking you got to just sit back and enjoy the parties this year. There's no rest for the not wicked.

Michael Rawluk said...

Mother Nature's lace is so beautiful. When are you going to give me those photography lessons that you promised?

Colette Amelia said...

Well woman you don't have to wait to go to class to cry! cry when you need to...cry until you feel better. Maybe even do a family cry. Maybe even cry with Kramer...maybe that would get him behaving knowing that he should be a better dog and not upset you.

Maybe we need to be not so strong that everyone thinks we are unbreakable and that we can prop everyone else up...maybe they need to know that sometimes we can't and we need propping up.

take care dear one!

Lisa said...

I hope to one day attend one of your parties. You are so creative and your food is always so fabulous. I will always associate your delicious caramels with tithing settlement! (and those of us with young children will try not to develop a complex over all the emphasis on the "keep track of your kids!" in the program, on the posters, in the announcements. . . yowzers!) Good luck on the program!

Shan said...

I've never even heard of winter lace! Shows how much I know.