Wednesday, June 8, 2011


These three were born only eight weeks apart. Last year I owed all of them a birthday present and so I hosted a sleepover. After dinner there was a treasure hunt. Oh, no! Not another clue, where is the treasure already?

At the end of the treasure hunt they found new books to read, odd socks and some treats.

Time to get the beds made and to test them out--very dramatically.

This lump is Willow. She's a willowy lump.
Liza in green.
Maddy o'the long pants.
These two are always up for some adventure at Grandma's house.
Willow is right there too, plotting fun things to do.
Like making faces when Grandma wants to take pictures.
These are three of my treasures. How I love them.

The odd socks.

Girls! Calm down!
Okay, we're calm, honest we are. See how angelic we are?
Yah, right!
Okay, it's really time for you to be asleep.
We are!
The next morning Lisa and Maddy learned how to make Swedish pancakes. Willow was having a wee melt down and went back to bed.
Then they wrote down the recipes to put in their new recipe boxes. Cherry cream cheese pie was one of the recipes, taco soup and, of course, Swedish pancakes.
These two waited until they were home to have a melt down. Even though I had warned them that there would be NO MELTDOWNS or their parents would NEVER, EVER let me host a sleepover again. They had meltdowns anyway. What's a Grandma to do?


Laura~peach~ said...

Grandma is to have another sleep over of course :)

love it all!

Cindy said...

What's a grandma to do?? Just love 'em!! Which I can tell you do!! Thank you for sharing the fun. They are adorable.

tearese said...

I'm glad my daughter isn't the only one that has melt-downs! What a fun sleepover, I love the room they all got to share! And I love the bed with the cupboards under it. I want one.
We did our first treasure hunt for FHE around Easter, we talked about the empty tomb, then they had to follow clues to find a cutout of Jesus that was missing from the tomb picture. He was taped on the front door. I hoped it wasn't sacrilegious, but they had so much fun!

Michael Rawluk said...

Aren't you the best Grandma ever.

Betsy said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! I'm sure they love coming to gramma's house!

claire said...

looks like they had a blast! i always wished i had more cousins!

looks like you win the best grandma award!

p.s. the recipe box idea is AMAZING! Love that you get to share cooking and the recipes with them to store in their boxes