Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today in church the little cherub in front of us--really she is a cherub--she's two years old, has dark curly hair, sparkling eyes, cheeks that are so red you think she's been into her mother's blush and if that weren't enough, when she smiles, she has dimples!

Anyway, today she was hi-fiving her sister and brothers and it was so funny. Her parents were trying to shush her but her siblings were very obliging. "Matthew," she'd say, "give me five!" And Matthew would give her five. She went through all of them and I was so enjoying it all. (And I was listening to the talks, too, and they were excellent--every mother on the planet is a multi-tasker.)

Then, all of a sudden she starting crying, "Kill Bill!" Now, for some reason (and the reason is: Elizabeth made me do it) I have seen Kill Bill and Kill Bill two, or at least parts of both of them. We do have TV Guardian so the bad language is taken out but the rest of it...oh my.

"Kill Bill!" the Cherub called again and again.

I was holding my breath, wondering what her parents were going to do.

Her mom, casually handed over a stuffed pink bear.

"Oh, Ca-ouh Beauh," she said, "Ca-ouh Beauh," she said, holding the well loved bear to her little face.

Really, Lynne. "Care Bear," and "Kill Bill" do NOT sound the same. And in church, yet, you think a sweetie pie, cherub girl is crying vengeance on Bill.


I need more sleep. Or a daughter who delights in the Hallmark channel, and not in horror movies. Or something.

PS She says it's not a horror movie but, believe me, it's certainly not Disney


BrookeHoopes said...

This absolutely MADE our night. We are both laughing out loud, still. And we're so happy to have found our official pew in front of you! Thanks Lynne.

tearese said...

I'm glad you were enjoying the cute kids rather than being annoyed at them. My major stress when attending a bigger ward at church is whether or not they're annoying everyone, and if everyone is mad at me for it.

Laura~peach~ said...

too too funny!