Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Tonight I was watching a movie while waiting for the rhubarb pie to bake. This is the "impossible rhubarb pie" that has dripped over the edge every time I have made it this year, which is about six times. Only this time I converted it to a 9x13 pan because I wanted to take some to our personal history lunch, which is tomorrow. I knew if I made the pie that there would be a piece or two missing by morning and there wouldn't be enough for the group. The 9x13 non-pie is done and...right on schedule...as soon as it cooled there is a piece missing and the person sitting on the couch says, "This is a good one." ~sigh~ What is a mother to do?

Back to the movie. It was a love scene, a nice, clean, kissing one. The camera was doing close ups of the girl and all of a sudden it was a shot from below, it showed she had the start of a double chin and honestly,
she was kind of ugly.

What a lousy thing to do to her I thought. The director ought to be shot.

And then I realized the "kind of ugly" girl was the guy. We forgive guys for having a bit of a double chin. And why? Really, why is there a double standard for men and women?

We don't want to see an aging actress in a love scene. Well, unless she is Sybil Shepard with attitude. Or Merly Streep. I adore Merly Streep. She can age as much as she wants and still be charming and attractive. So, never mind. Maybe it's not a matter of age but a matter of attitude.

Which works for a lot of life, doesn't it? Have a good attitude and the tragedies aren't quite so tragic. Of course, there's bad attitude people that show up in your life. Hopefully you can just shut the door and maybe they will go away. Unless you are related to them and then you have to learn to have tolerance, I guess. And bake them there own rhubarb pie.

I shouldn't write blogs at 1:30 in the morning, should I?


Laura~peach~ said...

yes you should blog anytime you want even 130 in the morning and I really really want a rhubarb pie PLEASE :)

Michael Rawluk said...

How about the 1936 version of Romeo and Juliet with a 41 year old Leslie Howard playing Romeo who is supposed to be about 14. I guess they just transposed the numbers. 13 year old Juliet was played by Norma Shearer who was a mere 34.

hillary said...

Meryl Streep has always bugged me. But not as much as the word "Beloved".

PS When are you coming over?