Thursday, May 31, 2012


There is a new comedy troupe online. Go here to view. I was watching episode three, with headphones on because Phil--the voice of reason--was on the phone, and he can't multitask like me, nor does he like noise. This comedy act isn't noise. It's clean funniness. I pretty much had the volume up full blast because the headphones were having an identity crisis--they thought they were ear plugs.

After I watched episode three, and before going on to the next one, I noticed that they have an album so I clicked on each of the songs to listen. (Listen to it here.) I listened to each song--there are eleven. 

"Could you turn it down?!" the voice of reason called from upstairs, in his not very reasonable voice. 


And then I realized, the headphones weren't even plugged in. They were ear plugs. 

Not even pretty darn funny.

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Michael Rawluk said...

I guess the headphones made you increase the volume. You are funny.