Thursday, September 6, 2007


Don't you just hate it when someone tells you what to do? I realize you have to do that to kids so they will learn they shouldn't throw booger balls at their brother, won't pee in Dad’s boot or put beans in their ears, but adults? Not usually, unless it's a teaching moment and the adult wants to be taught. We have something inbred in us (I think it's that "agency" thing) that make us scream, internally, if not aloud, "I WILL DO IT MY WAY." I don't know a person alive who, when told what to do, doesn’t want to rebel, just a little and do the opposite.

And that brings me to Satan's plan. He wouldn't have been able to return even one soul. It would have been total anarchy.

And so, with that said, I am going to go about my day, doing things my way, which won’t be perfect, perhaps won’t even be adequate but I will learn and grow and be who I am struggling so hard to become.

I hope you will too. Do it your way. Well it wouldn’t hurt you to at least listen to your mother. Especially if I happen to be your mother.

PS My sister listened to our mother. Mom said so, “She listens and then she goes and does exactly what she wants to do.” And so she did. She was a great woman; my sister. She’s in Heaven now, doing exactly what she wants and exactly what is right. More power to her, my sister Pat.

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