Friday, November 2, 2007


I have come to the conclusion that we are not alone--do not want to be alone--we are somehow all linked to one another--everyone on the planet. I, of course, believe we all grew up together before we came to this earth life and so know everyone on the earth, intimately. We just can't remember, but sometimes I've seen someone, perhaps in the grocery store and thought, I'd like to know them. It's almost a tangable thing--my wanting to know who they are. Of course, I already do know them, have just forgotten, but somehow just seeing them plucks a string of remembrance.

Maybe this is why friends are so important to me. I want to hear from them often, play with them, email and visit with them. I think this is why the new program for the Relief Society (LDS Church) is so inspired. It gets us together in small groups where we can make real friendships. Lasting friendships. I love the card class I go to even though I am not card-gifted. I sit and look at my pile of materials for 20 minutes before I even start. Other's in the class are busy making more and more cards. I get one done. I'm there for the friendships.

The personal history class is wonderful. So wonderful that I go to the morning class and the afternoon one too. Now, I am happy to get some of my stories on paper but even more I like to get to know each person in the group. Wonderful women! How I appreciate the struggles, the joys, the silliness they have shared. Pam once wrote a whole essay on chin hairs. It was hilarious and we laughed until we were nearly sick. Now, how can you not be friends with someone who writes about chin hairs?

One of my granddaughters hates to unload the dishwasher. I am convinced it's because it's a lonely activity. Her sister is only two but I think if her Mom would position the two-year-old next to the seven-year-old and show her what she could put away--like the plastic cups--that the seven year old would like it better.

I think we all need to work together. Be together. Life is not meant to be lonely. It's meant to be full and rich with family and friends.

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Pam said...

I thought I was checking in here pretty regularly, but tonight I found 2 new entries! A real treasure.

You're the best kind of friend, Lynne.