Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ack #1

I've been a bad blogger. Almost non-existent. I also have been a bad blog follower so just a minute ago I signed in and went to my dashboard to see what everyone has been up to and when I scrolled down there was a message saying, "You are not currently following any blogs." Ack!

Now what do I do? I guess I follow the "comments" section on my posts to people's blogs. But so many blogs I follow don't follow me. Ack, does not fully tell how I feel about this.

Ack #2

I've been making jam all evening. (Normal people make jam in the morning, when it's cool. I seem to be sleeping then.) I had on a white-starched-and-ironed shirt. I put an apron on--the ever so cute one Annette made for me. Then I pitted four thousand marble-sized golden plums. Okay, they weren't actually marble size but they were shooter-sized. Bouncy-ball-sized would be an exaggeration. I added mixed berries to the plums and it made the most glorious, ruby-red jam--tasty too. I have made three batches so far...15 pints and one quart. Tomorrow I will continue but my son, the one with the marble-plum tree, will have to bring me some more. Are you reading this Taylor? More plums, please.

Phil was eating ice cream so I gave him a custard cup and asked him to give me some too. I put jam on top and with the very first spoonful I dropped wonderfully ruby-red jam in between the apron and the perfect white shirt. Which now wasn't.

Ack #3

I love texting. You can ask a question and get an answer and not have to spend 20 minutes on the phone. I am not a fast texter. And one of the reasons is because things are in different places on the phone. The letters are the same but the question marks, dashes, parenthesise, even periods and commas are somewhere else. Now, when I type on the computer I have to look every stinking time to see where things are.

I tell you, it's enough to hark a dog.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've been without a computer for two months so that's my reason for not blogging, lol, and following my favorites.
I WAS going to catch up on everyone but when I saw the number of collective posts ...
Blogging energy comes and goes, but I find that I'm always happy that I continued to write, even if occasionally!

Me said...

We got home from our trip to find clean smoke-free air. Not that you need to know that. I am just so self-centred.

I hate texting more than I hate phone calls. We saw people texting while driving. Now they are the definition if idiot asses. It is ok if they kill themselves, I guess, but they shouldn't harvest others.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

yummmmm that jam sounds sooo good.

hillary said...

I don't do anything in the morning or at night. Maybe I'll be revived when this munchkin comes out. Basically 3 months left.

Jam is yummy. You should bring me some. All I do is strawberry freezer jam.

Cheryl Day said...

Oh Lynne...my funny friend...whom will I have a good late night laugh with if you text all the time? I will never get the punch line out!!!!! Love you,

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I usually do only freezer jam, like Hillary, but figured I should put something on my shelves in case my freezer ever went out. SO, I made a batch of cooked Raspberry Jam this morning - turned out well! Went back to the store to get more raspberries, but they were NOT the great price they were yesterday!

Tierney said...

My mom and I both think the jam is the prettiest-colored jam ever. Azzy and I excitedly loaded our jar in the fridge, and we have firm plans to eat it on toast in the a.m.