Monday, August 23, 2010


I have been a bad blogger. I think of things I want to share during the day and by nightfall...poof!...the ideas are gone. They must not have been great to start with.

So for this post I am going to tell you about two blogs you should read today.

"Throwing Up Words," and the post on "Mormon Times" by Jason Wright--The Power of Praise.

The "Throwing Up Words" blog I adore. I adore the women whose blog this is. Except I don't know Kyra but I know from whence she comes, so she must be pretty fabulous. She writes all sassy and excited with life and knowing more than her tender years.

Today's post on Throwing Up Words is by Ann Dee Ellis--Author of THIS IS WHAT I DID and EVERYTHING IS FINE. Her post makes me want to get my life in gear and do what I always say I am going to do. She is a wonderful author.

The other woman on Throwing Up Words is Carol Lynch Williams. This woman is perhaps the kindest woman on the planet. She hands out good advice anytime anyone needs it. She is one of the driving forces behind Writers and Illustrators for Young Readers, which is a wonderful five day long symposium. She has helped launch many Utah writers. And you feel so good when you are with her. She makes you feel like you can do it--write. Even if you can't. And so then you go ahead and try and then she helps you get better.

She has dozens of books out, all of them good. Better than good. I love everything she writes. Her latest is THE CHOSEN ONE and it's oh so good and oh so "I can't believe things like this happen in real life-ish in this day and age." It's about polygamy.

Oh wait, her latest is GLIMPSE. How have I missed it? I must go buy it this week. I'll bet she had a book signing and I missed it. I feel all sorry for myself now.

You should read this blog every day. They give advice on writing, motivation by the basketful, and you will love their quirky writing styles. After you've read it for a couple of weeks you feel like they are your best friends.

The one on Mormon Times is about the value of praise. Don't you love it when someone says you are good at something. I can live a week on a good compliment. So, go read this and give some praise to someone who needs it. Or just do it anyway. It's a good thing. (Martha says that so it must be good because she's famous and everything.)


Tierney said...

I may check out these blogs, but I am pretty sure yours will always be my favorite. Don't worry, Hill, yours is my OTHER favorite! The "word verification" is calmiti. Is that like a calm calamity, or a huge amount of calmness? If it's the latter, I want today to be a calmiti.

whirligigdaisy said...

I've had a crazy summer and been behind on Carol and Ann Dee's blog, but I love it. They say there are changes coming soon. Probably a kick in the pants to write. -- Just what I need. 'Love ya.