Friday, November 19, 2010


Today was Grandparent's day at Ruby's school for all the kindergarten students. I went to Ruby's class but couldn't find her. So I went to a different class and she wasn't there either. Back to the 1st class and low and behold, there she was on the front row, probably thinking, what is Grandma doing, going from class to class?

We had four activities to do together. I realized Ruby writes half in capitols and half in lower case. But, she is sounding out words and almost ready for the leap to real reading. It's always exciting when I see that happening in a child. A whole new world will open up for her.Recess. Who cares if the coat is buttoned right?See this? Three friends, having a private moment that no one else knew about. Then just two friends. This little girl and her mother met Ruby and her mother when the two girls were just babies. They didn't see each other again until the girls were in the same class. Hillary remembered because this little girls name is Sweden and she remembered the baby Sweden. Now the girls are friends. After recess they put on Turkey hats and performed for us in the gym. They sang six funny, wonderful songs.And then we went home. Ruby told me how to get there by the back roads. Well, Hillary on the cell phone helped some, too. We go that way, Grandma!My happy five year old granddaughter that I love so much. You really can't see them here but she has a sprinkling of freckles, just like her Momma did at that age.
Don't you just love that face? Me too.And Baby Daisy? This is how she looked three days ago when she went in to see if she needed to stay under the "lights" so her jaundice would go away. She looks tan doesn't she? But...she passed and didn't have to be under those lights. I think her dark complexion has something to do with my inability to manage my camera at all times.
And today, she had another test and passed again. But before she left with her daddy for the test she cried like no one I have EVER heard. Her little heart was broken. Why, we just don't know. She calmed down and went happily with Dad.
Don't you just love that little baby face? Me too.
And I told the other girl in this family, Miss Maddy--seen here, catching a ride this summer from Miss Ruby--that I would come again on Monday, and I would have a story recorded for her. It's going to be a doozy...I think...I'm still coming up with a plot and the cast of characters, but for that girl--who LOVES a story--I'm going to do my best.

She deserves the best. All our grandchildren deserve the best. We all do. I hope we are all helping each other to have good experiences here, on planet earth.

This is what I wish for all of us, that we could be this happy. I know trying times have to come but after the angst, happiness like this.
Don't you just love that happy face? Me too.


Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Now, I have a happy face reading your post. It's wonderful you live so close and can be a part of your grandchildren's lives. I know you are a blessing for them. Congratulations on the new baby. She is adorable.

hillary said...

FINALLY, I'm glad you're a camera monkey, causee we wouldn't get those cutest pictures if you wern't. Thanks for being my Mom.

I love your whole self and the chicken was yummy....It just wasn't done til after 7. :)

Lee said...

Hi Lynne, came over to catch up... The newest baby is DIVINE and I'm glad Phil is feeling better. We just had grandparents day too, and my father-in-law came to have lunch with my son. My mother-in-law was too busy getting her hair done- I guess she thinks these days will last forever... hugs

Laura ~Peach~ said...

they are all so adorable and i can see her freckers (as mj calls em) love the buttoned up coat lol so cute so glad the baby made it through all the heel sticking and is free of the lights! mJ did a week of them.
welp must run got tons to do.
love ya

tearese said...

Looks like Ruby is the same age as Elora...well, about the same because Elora missed the cut off for Kindergarten by a month. She is learning all that fun reading stuff too though!
I wish we lived close to their grandparents too, you are lucky to have them so close by.

Colette Amelia said...

so cute...I hope you know that we are experiencing having children around through your grandchildren!!! Thanks a whole bunch!

And I have never seen what a bunch of cute kids in one family before! good jeans from grandma I think!

Kathy said...

YES! Love ALL of those gorgeous happy faces. You are a wonderful Grandma!

Michael Rawluk said...

That Ruby is a gem. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Ruby is my name sake. Love, your favorite child.

Laura~peach~ said...

the pop up said i have used my 1 gb free space for pictures ... my blog is 5 years old and has 760 some odd posts with the econemy what it is and my own desire to have a fresh start (as if I could change the content) home, cooking, family, the good the bad the ugly ya know its all in there and will be in this one too :)
but you are right we all may end up with twos! too ! to :) giggles!