Sunday, November 7, 2010


If it's late at night. There is a creepy, rhythmic noise. I am afraid to move.

Phil is safe, asleep in bed. Elizabeth is safe downstairs, and is no help at all, and so I sit there for a long time, motionless, not wanting the whatever-it-is to know I exist.

And then Pika wakes up. The creepy noise stops. Do you know what happens when I cat snores in a pumpkin? IT ECHOES! It echoes in a very creepy way. The pumpkin is now in the basement, in a box, where I can't see it--or hear it, either.


peihome said...

Okay, now that is SO cute. You should enter this in a contest!

Laura ~Peach~ said...


hillary said...

Can I have that pumpkin when you.... you know.

Also, you are glad Halloween is over so we can sing Christmas songs without you yelling that it's too early.

Jingle bells, Bat man smells....

Kathy said...

Kind of like a clown, you know, those scary ones. And it ate your cat!

Hillary, I love your humor. It is humor, right? ;-)

tearese said...

I would be scared too! When we moved to thishouse, there was evidence that there had been mice here before we moved in, so for the first month I was sure I kept hearing mice everywhere in the night. Until I realized the wind made the siding on the outside of the house make weird scratching noises.
One time, I was sitting with the baby in his room, and I could hear a strange squeaking noise down by my feet. I broke into a cold sweat and was afraid to move for like ten minutes; I couldn't believe the mice were brave enough to come out while I was sitting there! Then I figured out what it was. I'd brought a metal water bottle into the room with me, with a sports lid....the water sometimes makes a weird little noise when the lid isn't down tight, and that was what I was hearing!