Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is baby Daisy having her first bath. She had been all stretched out, so content, when the nurse swabbed her down and then put her head under the faucet and scrubbed it. Daisy was not happy. Her lungs are functional, that's for sure.Daisy's Daddy comforted her.I accidentally erased the photo that Max sent me of Daisy and her Momma, taken just a minute after her birth. I'll have to have him send it again. Here's a photo from Hillary's Blog. Max is already giving Daisy a helping hand. He loves all his girls. He has three, now. Four, counting Hillary, Daisy's momma. This is two days old. Being born is so tiring.Her big sister, Ruby.
Ruby, Phil--Daisy's grandpa--and Maddy.
Daisy had to come by C-section because her sisters were so big at birth and the doctor says he lost two weeks of his life trying to get them here safely. But Daisy is the smallest one of all. Nine pounds nine ounces doesn't seem small but she is. I think she will loose that baby fat quickly and think she may take after her great-grandma Snyder, who was just five feet tall. I guess time will tell.

Phil, had to have throat surgery the same day as Hillary had her surgery. Almost at exactly the same time! I abandoned Phil, pre-surgery, to go see if the baby had come. Indeed she had. I made it on time to get her first bath photos.

Phil is recovering nicely--he had an esophageal pouch that had to be--not removed--but incorporated into the esophagus. He said he had "popped a gizzard." You can see where my children get their odd sense of humor.

He is supposed to eat soft food for several days and tonight he blended spare ribs (boneless), corn, noodles and sauce with some water and poured his dinner into a bowl. I couldn't watch. It looked like what gruel must look like.

So, all in all, last week was a good one for us. The birth of our newest little one. Phil's throat fixed--it had been bothering him for close to ten years.

Baby Daisy has some jaundice and is spending time under the "lights." Both her sisters also had jaundice and it was harder on Hillary than anyone. They let Daisy go home with portable lights but she will have to be checked at the hospital tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the jaundice will be under control.

Congratulations to Max and Hillary and thank you for giving us another granddaughter to love.


Anonymous said...

Baby ROSE PETAL. You keep getting the name wrong.

The Peterson Family said...

Ohh, see so adorable. She looks just like her sisters. And she so lucky to have some many people to love her. Give Hillary our congrats!!

Cindy said...

Congratulations are another beautiful granddaughter.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

congratulations on a new wee one and congrats on the new gizzard :) hope all are well and recovering nicely... MJ lived under the light for 5 days then 7 more days of back to the hospital each day for blood work... I so understand hillaries pain!
ps 9 pound 9 oz is NOT SMALL lol.

Colette Amelia said...

aww that is the bestest story I have had in such a long time! Daisy is an absalute beautiful baby!!!! I am so happy that everyone is well.

take care Grandma and keep those pictures coming!

Karen Deborah said...

What a gorgeous newborn baby! Precious pictures and hope your hubby is on the mend soon!

Kathy said...

She is a beautiful girl! And her sisters too! Congrats! Glad to hear Phil had a successful surgery (the gruel sounds icky).

Annette said...

She is so beautiful! Gary can relate to Max -- he was always surrounded by women, too. There's nothing like a new baby to brighten the world.

hillary said...

Jandice is coming along nicely. Just took her for her -hopefully- last test.

Peace out. Hill

Pam said...

So I was wondering what happened with that grease fire? And the baby looks like...Elizabeth!