Sunday, March 16, 2014


I clicked on a link that said, "Stylish Teen Clothing," a few minutes ago. There were about 5 items that were modest. One dress was titled as "Off Shoulder Plunge Dress." It was an assault to my poor eyeballs. I can just imagine what a young man would think if he saw a girl in such an item of clothing. 

Most of the skirts or dresses were eight inches above the knee! Some were so short that if there were a behind-view I'm worried that we'd be seeing bum-cheeks. And the shorts? The companies who make them aren't spending excess money on fabric. In fact, I'd say there was about fifty cents worth of fabric there. 

I did see one cute modest top. It was called a wrapped front top. I couldn't see a back view but if the front were called "wrapped" what was the back called? Unwrapped?

What is the matter with today's youth? Do they need to get self esteem by being dressed like a _____? (You fill in the blank. I can't bring myself to say the word.)

When I asked one of my granddaughters what her style was--meaning vintage clothing, classic, etc., without any hesitation she said "Modest" She has my vote, 100%. And where did she get that "modest" idea? From her parents and from church. More teens should try it. Our country would be a better place if we had a nation of modest teenagers.

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