Sunday, November 25, 2007


I don't think I came from a world where there was night. I pretty sure I dislike this darkness that seeps in after the earth turns away from the sun. I like it dark to sleep in but I wonder, did we sleep in our life before here?

I like to see my neighbor's Christmas lights, which I couldn't see if there was no darkness. Three have them up, two across the street and one next door but I have to go outside--in the dark--to see the next door lights so unless I'm out driving or walking I won't see them much. Besides that, the dark here represents the cold and I dislike the cold, too.

So, I'm boycotting the darkness today. I am pretending that the sun is merely winking and the light will be back on in a minute. It will be warm outside and we can go play.

In the meantime, I go to the window, open the blinds and look out at the neighbor's houses. It makes me happy to see the color and cheer as long as I have to endure the darkness today. I should thank them. I should write them a nice letter--and then I will have only 72 letters left to make my last year's New Year's Resolution.

I should encourage Phil to put our lights up too so they can be happy to see our lights, just in case they are disliking the darkness today too.

And I guess I should quit whining because, really and truly, nobody likes a whiner. But I just had to whine a little because I am disliking the darkness, today. I simply am.

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Cindy (Me) said...

Hi Lynne, well here I am writing to you on your blog!!! Yeah! I think you are simply wonderful.....I love you! Please keep writing forever and ever, okay?
You are not going to believe this, but tonight at the dinner table we were discussing Christmas lights, and we came upon your house, and hoping that Phil would soon put up lights for us to see, since we can't see our own lights. And then here I am reading your blog! NO pressure whatsoever for Phil to put up lights, but if he does, his time and efforts will not have been in vain. :) We will definitely enjoy them.

I am sorry to hear that your cousin died; he sounds like a very wonderful person. I send my sympathies your way, and my love and concern for you. I hope the darkness is not bothering you too much tonight, just keep your blinds open all night long (and don't walk around in your underwear)!

I am totally with you on the builders's problems. Million dollar homes with no views and not good use of sun. Now remember if you do tear down your house and move somewhere else, we are coming with you!
Love you more than you'll ever know, Me :)