Friday, November 2, 2007


About a week or so ago I saw one of those black hairy spiders doing his spider-dance all over the dashboard. I tried to get in the car quick enough to whack him but he went down one of the windshield vents. I don't know what I would have whacked him with. I told Phil about the spider and he said what he always says about things I cannot do anything about, "Don't worry about it."

Now I ask you, how can you not worry about a hairy spider crawling up you leg while you are driving? You can't.

I took the girls to Salt Lake last Saturday. We went to Ikea and Gardener Village. Archibald Gardner is one of my ancestors and so I have a tender spot in my heart for the mill. But the whole time I was driving I was worrying about the spider. Would he climb out of the heat vents and run up Elizabeth's leg? Would he run up mine and then I would run off the road?

Every time we get in the car Phil stomps his feet sometimes during the driving time and I freak out, thinking he saw the spider. He then laughs his maniacal laugh. He has actually seen the spider once since that first day. It was, of course on the passenger side of the car but by the time I came out and got in the car he had disappeared. Who knows where.

I hope to never see him again. No, that's not true. I hope to see him, curled up on his back, dry and dead. Then I will quit worrying, unless it was a momma spider, who laid eggs. I guess I won't know until spring and if it was, and if she did, I will be walking.

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Pam said...

Yikes!! We'll go in my car until you meet up with "Fuzzy" again and find him (hopefully "him") a new home.