Friday, November 6, 2009


I was going to remember to do this: Give each of my children and their families a little book with the instruction to write 1,000 things they are thankful for at the beginning of this Thanksgiving month. I didn't remember. They have no little book from me.

The baby might be thankful for his Binky and his mom. One of the kids might be thankful that one day she will get horse riding lessons--thankful things can be anticipated. Mom might be thankful for the children's bedtime. Dad might be thankful for week-ends. The list could go on and on.

Here are a few of things I'm thankful for today (not the biggies, but the odd, little ones):

I'm Thankful...
  1. ...that I have a friend good enough to tell me a secret and know I won't tell.
  2. ...for bathrooms--flushing toilets. How did Grandma do it, traipsing to the outhouse?
  3. ...for Costco. Actually, that one would be Phil's.
  4. ...for the seasons. Even the winter one with ice and snow.
  5. ...for best friends who know we don't need to talk every day or we can talk every day, sometimes several times, or email instead.
  6. ...old best friends can go without communication for months and start up as if we only talked yesterday.
  7. ...for movies. I love movies even though I seldom go. Gotta love Red Box.
  8. ...for geraniums. They remind me of Italy which reminds me of grandma's with maybe whiskery chins. Grandma's in black dresses, braiding garlic--which I did once, on the lawn swings in honor of the Italian women in black dresses. But I didn't wear the black dress or have the whiskery chin. Thank goodness.
  9. ...for the furnace and the fireplace insert. Mmm, heat whenever I want it.
  10. ...that I won't live forever.
  11. ...that I had a childhood that was just interesting enough but not too interesting.
  12. ...for Indian Summer. Today was glorious.
  13. ...for grass. I love the feel of it under my feet.
  14. ...for hope. There was a time I didn't believe in hope.
  15. ...for this computer, even with all it's problems. I love it. Thank you Trent for building us a computer which has never crashed. It's hiccuped and it is slower than molasses but I love it. Yes I do.
  16. ...for screen doors.
  17. ...for tomatoes. I have a batch in the dehydrator right now. Michelle will get some Sovory Italina Tomatoes for her LATE birthday.
  18. ...for legs. I saw a woman today whose legs didn't work well enough for her to walk the isles of the store.
  19. ...for the ability to write what my imagination dreams up.
  20. ...for calendars that tell me when I forgot someones birthday because I forgot to look at it. And while we're at it I'm thankful for grandchildren who want lunch and a movie instead of "stuff." I owe a couple of them lunch and a movie which I hope to be able to do soon.
  21. ...for tweezers. See #8.
  22. ...bed. Where I'm going now. After I read my scriptures and write in my pathetic journal. And brush my teeth and clean my face and go to the bathroom--which I don't have to go outside in the cold dark night to go to.

What are you thankful for today? The little things. The simple ones.

PS 23 ...for spellcheck.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i LOVE gratitude lists...
today I am grateful for the bloggers who have jumped into my life and dont even know what they do for me :) <3 ya

Lorraine said...

I'm grateful
for my son who is healthy
for my 3 cats who are also
for bloggers who inspire me everyday
NOT for spellcheck, they can be misleading
I'm grateful
for knowing that even with typos, my friends will visit me
I'm grateful that they will maybe once a month and their comment will make my day.

Michael Rawluk said...

24 Thankful for Blogs so that you can share your words?

hillary said...

Whats the secret? I won't tell a soul.

I promise.

Annette said...

I'm grateful that I have a blogging friend that is also a real life friend and that my blogging friend encouraged me to start a blog!

tearese said...

I wish I had a screen door.