Friday, November 6, 2009


This is what downtown Provo usually looks like when I need a parking space. Okay, I've exaggerated a bit but parking spaces downtown are a scarce as hen's teeth.Today was a crazy day--a meeting all morning and when I got home I had twenty minutes to meet my sister and a friend for lunch. I had to go all the way downtown--ten minutes--buy a wet stone--five minutes (it should have been 1.5 minutes but the Chinese lady was having an argument with someone on the phone: "No, it is your fault," she kept saying. Finally she hung up on whoever it was because it was NOT her fault, that's for darn sure.)

I needed the wet stone because I was giving someone a Chinese chopper--also known as a cleaver (for those of you who are such sticklers about calling things what they really are)--for her birthday--I know--an odd present but if you put caramels with anything people think it's a good gift. Besides that everyone should have a wet stone. I love sharp knives! They slice your fingers with nice clean cut and everyone knows a band-aid on the fingers is a great sympathy getter. I'm for getting all the sympathy I can. And I love my Chinese chopper, and whatever I love everybody should love. Except for Phil. They should like Phil, and that's all. Unless it's the kids and then they can go ahead and love him.
Then I had to get to Chili's in Orem--ten more minutes--so before I left the driveway I said--to my angels-- "I need a parking space downtown, right next to Chow's!"

So, off I went, in a cloud of exhaust, and when I got downtown, every single bit of the block before Chao's and every single bit of Chao's block was packed full of cars except for a huge space, SIX FEET from Chao's front door. I didn't even have to back up to park.

I got to Chili's only two minutes late.

Thank you, my angels.

Have your angels done anything for you lately?

PS Wet stones at Chao's are only $1.15 but don't go for two weeks. I give a good knife, a breadboard and a wet stone for wedding gifts and I bought all the wet stones they had--they only had three as it was. I'm sure it wasn't the nice Chinese lady's fault that they only had three. It was that dufus-on-the-other-end-of-the-phone's fault.


Annette said...

I'm glad the angels were watching out for you. Maybe they were afraid of what you might do with that cleaver?!

Shan said...

I think that's a whole lot of ruckus for a whet stone. But if you need a whet stone for your chinese chopper, you need one. Mostly I just agree that if caramels accompany a gift than it is indeed a fine gift. I'm just wondering if I need to bring my red birthday shoes to your house on the 22nd so you can fill them with caramels. I've already practically worn them out, but I think they'd still hold some caramels.

Tierney said...

So glad you had parking success. I always try to "psyche" a spot into exsitence, saying, there is no reason that someone didn't just barely leave, leaving a nice juicy spot up front for me! Now I am craving your caramels but couldn't eat them even if you gave them to me. boo-hoo

Julie Harward said...

This was very cute! Good gift idea too! I have gaurdian angels all the time, I must or I would have made an end of me long ago! Come say hi any time! :D

Lorraine said...

Caramel and two of my favourite things lol