Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today our son, Taylor, who thinks he is sixteen years old and that jumping down EIGHT stairs won't be hurtful, had surgery on his broken ankle. The doctor put two screws--that look like they are three inches long--in his bone to hold it together. The good news: His ankle is going to be fine. The bad news, he can't walk on it for six weeks. Get well and heal soon, son. We love you.

PS Being sixteen years old is overrated.This is our neighbor, Boyd who is also our home teacher. The little porcupine is his eight-month old grandson who has had hair like this since the day he was born.
And how nice is it that Boyd came to share his grandson with us. Who else would do such a thing? Boyd would, who is the best kind of a friend. We love him and his little porcupine, too.

This is the amaryllis Boyd gave us for Christmas. It bloomed in early February. Now, in March it is blooming again. So far it has two flowers but two more are on the way. What a faithful flower it is. The first bloom is busy making seeds. The last good thing is that I've found a new fingernail polish that I love. It's called China Glaze and is way superior to O. P. I. I bought a red and it lasted five days before I had to redo it. Then I bought a pink and it lasted a week and four days before it needed redoing. The index fingernail had to have a quick redo after day six, not because it chipped but because it wore off the edge from constant dish washing and my repotting the geraniums that I had stored in the basement. Really, this is the best fingernail polish I've ever used. You should buy some. Unless you are a boy and then you should buy some for your favorite girl.

I hope you had some good things in your life today, too. If not, they are a comin', I just know it.


Karen Deborah said...

ugh broken ankles---know all about that--ow
that baby--can I please have him for a while? He is so cute!!! Yes I have some CG polish it is very good except when you use your hands to dig in the dirt and then nothing helps.
I have to quit eating chocolate, I gained more weight.
it's grim, it's dire, it's time for the biggest loser...

Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH MY Giggles... I am so in love with that baby and his hair!!!!!!
8 stairs OH MY i used to do that in college in my 20's people thought i was nuts i just wanted out side FAST... my knees and ankles just look at ONE and the need to WALK up or down it and LAUGH now... then i hobble on...
beautiful flower

hillary said...

So, take that polish over to Taylors and paint his bum ankle foot while he's dooped up on painkillers. Then tell him he did it to himself.

Who does that baby belong to - I mean besides Brother Boyd?

Mental P Mama said...

Ouch! Silly men-folk;) And I love that baby's hair!!! Going to look for this China Glaze. I cannot keep my nails polished for anything!

Julie Harward said...

Too bad about your son..hope it heals well. Very funny, the little guy with the wild hair, he needs a hat! Love your flower, very pretty and what a great guy to have for a home teacher! Have a great week! Come say hi :D

Shawn said...

Love that porcupine hairdo! So cute! Sorry about your sons ankle---silly guy.

Sorry I haven't been around again in a while----I am on overdrive and can't seem to get on top of things....miss you!