Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The following came from Colette Amelia's blog:
Have faith...have patience...everything has its time.

sometimes boo boos are wonderful...

Everyone has function.

"It's a sign of wisdom that seeds don't squander their energy all at once, instead calmly waiting until the time is right. Seeds aren't stupid." ~ Midas Dekkers

(We have several oak trees out front and they do not leaf until there is no possibility of snow. Every spring I think they are dead. The trees that are in a hurry often get heavy laden with snow and lose branches. I guess the steady, slow oaks know something. We should take a lesson.)

Yesterday there was an incident in the neighborhood. Cop cars surrounded a house that has been for sale, no one is sure if anyone is living there or not. The police must have had a search warrant because they broke into the garage which contained a huge pile of clothing and a car in there sideways. Sideways! How do you get a car in a garage sideways? The neighbors have heard gunfire a couple of nights but thought it was their imagination, who fires a gun in the middle of the night in this neighborhood? Anyway, I was talking to a woman who is the next door neighbor.

"Don't you want to come to my house and stay tonight?" I asked her.

"No, I'll be fine. I have swords," she said. SWORDS? She has swords?

Today she send me an email: "My swords are still clean and bright!" so no one was "run through" in the night.

I had to close Phil's site off and this was part of an email he had up.

He's a funny one, that kid is. I don't know that I've done much urinal training with him, as they're usually higher and I usually only get him at Church for public restrooms. At least he's a "straight shooter" now that his dooder has been fixed.

Yup, Phil gets some interesting emails.
(This is Google's idea of a doodler. In fact this is a "super doodler.")
I went visiting teaching to Mrs. Bird today and will put her latest escapades on the blog soon. Have a great day, have faith, patience and remember, don't send your leaf's out when there is still a chance of snow. And if you doodler isn't a straight shooter, it seems that you can have it fixed. I'm so happy to pass on helpful information like this.


Lorraine said...

I love this post it has everything : humour...sword, how cool, nonsense (you know which one that is) and a lovely story about a tree...I feel hopeful, how lovely of you ;)

Colette Amelia said...

ahhh aren't you great? somehow you took my nonsense and made it so smart sounding!

Hope the clouds are brightening around your space. It seems brighter here!

hillary said...

That was a very rambly post. PS do not tell of gunfire and cops searching houses in your neighborhood. It SCAY'es me.

Shan said...

Every person does have function. Mine just usually happens to be "dis"function.

Astromom said...

I am wondering what all the cops found and what was going on? I'll have to ask Ms. Swordwoman. I appreciate the smiles you give me.