Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here are a couple of photos of Taylor's new and improved ankle. Now, if one of the screws dislodge he can always say, "I have a screw loose." That will explain many an odd behavior, Not only that but he can blame it on someone else--the surgeon.


Julie Harward said...

Thats funny! Our son broke his femur and had pins like this in his knee and a rod in his was awful...hope your son gets well quickly! Come say hi :D

Michael Rawluk said...

It is easy to forget age. I still think I am in my thirties then I look into one of those new-fangled looking glasses and get the shock of my life. It is enough to age a guy and I don't have much room for that.

Colette Amelia said...

I had to post this here as your email is not accepting at this moment...thinks I am sending you unsolicited bulk mail! Then I already wrote this here but didn't do the code so it disappeared!

I should have just phoned you!

well you know I think we all think that we have to do big things to make a difference and in thinking about it I can say that you make a difference! Your humour and dedication and love shine through and make a difference in my life by making me smile, by being awed by your faith and feelings of warm fuzzies by your relationship with your family! And your utter normality that makes me who is a clutz and and has struggles and maybe a big mouth that yes others do the same things and I am not alone with my colourful life!

so just keep on doing what you do!

and have a good sleep!

who is sore and tired today because she went for walk down town yesterday and when she got back she helped Michael with the edging of the lawn.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow awesome bones there... love the loose screw... i think thats my problem... see i have one in my HEAD yes i do... honest... my right front tooth was knocked out when i was 8 and there is a screw that is one and a half inches long from the middle of the false tooth up into the bone below my nose... so NOW after all these years I KNOW what my problem is ... I HAVE A LOOSE SCREW! thank you :)

Annette said...

I'm glad all went well with the surgery. Lucky him to have an excuse for odd behavior. I wish I had one!

whirligigdaisy said...

That looks painful.

tearese said...

oh ouch. Does he have to keep that for the rest of his life? And report it at airports?
I just wanted to tell you about a friend's blog I read occasionally... she's a good writer. I think you'd find it interesting. Or not. You probably have too many blogs to read anyway.
So this is it:
and I won't be offended if you don't read it.
The end.

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Oh for Pete's sake- what a shame!! I hope he is on the mend soon.

hillary said...

I'm pretty sure he had a screw loose before. Hence the jumping down of the stairs to break and ankle in the first place trouble.

I don't even want to know how they got those screws all screwed into his bones. Ya-ouch