Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is our grandson, Mark. His science fair project made it to state--held at the conference center at BYU.

He measured solar panel's collecting power by how they were positioned. It was more technical than that. I'm a non technical woman. Mechanical things rust out and quit working in my presence. Cars stall--but first they make funny noises that no man has heard before. Then they stall and have to be towed. Cars never stall or make funny noises for Phil. Mark will probably lead a charmed life, like Phil, because he might know what to do when cars make funny noises and stall and cars simply can't stand anyone knowing what to do. That's why they pick on me. Mark will be a genius of car noises and stalling problems, I just know it. Cars will stall for his wife. That's how it goes.

He found that it does make a difference how the solar panels are positioned! And when asked if he would install solar panels he said if they didn't cost so much he would.

Some of his important wires and measuring stuff. Way too technical for his grandma. I'll bet some of this stuff came right from under the hood of a woman's stalled car, right after it made funny noises.

Here he is conducting his experiments.

And indeed he was not only considered but he took second place in his division, which was: Physical Science--Physics. Congratulations Mark!

Mark is telling his grandpa something very important. I'm not sure his grandpa could hear over the noise of all those kids. They had neat things for the kids to do when they weren't manning their exhibits. Rock climbing, a magician, and here Mark is waiting in line for the Flight Simulator. When asked if he wanted to be a pilot after "flying" a plane he just shrugged his shoulders.

Congratulations to Mark who is redefining reality.

And besides all the technical stuff he's a nice kid and his grandpa and I adore him. Who wouldn't?

Maybe he will put himself through college by installing solar panels, who knows? Or maybe he will be able to diagnose car problems just by listening to the funny noises. That could make him rich.


Mr. Anonymous said...

Well, congrats to Mark.
Speaking of Techanical Woman (Technical-Mechanical) are your car locks behaving?

Annette said...

Now that is impressive. It got a little too deep for me, which makes it even more impressive for him. Tell him congratulations.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

congratulations Mark... I loved the science fairs.

My dear lady I have procrastinated months ... maybe years getting it into my head that I was going to de clutter then did ittty bitty bits of it till someone showed up at the house and literally PUSHED me into doing is mostly done... still some to make me do but this weekend I am being LAZY only cooking and keeping the kitchen cleaned ...I am happy with it so far... mike had a loud discussion about putting his jackets somewhere that he did not think they should be LOL....

zelzee said...

I am so impressed!!!
We are working on solar panels for some buildings in this area, and I know the technical stuff involved is complicated.
Congratulations to Mark!!

Colette Amelia said...

well that charming young man is for sure related to you and Phil...the most charming of them all grandparents!

I am done with cars...I just sit back and have me driver drive me here and there and of course the car never misbehaves for him!

Mental P Mama said...

Well done Mark! He will be just fine;)

Julie Harward said...

Congratulations to a cute and very smart kid and his grandma..I'm sure he gets some of that from you! :D

Lorraine said...

Congratulations Mark! That is fantastic, what an honour, let me tell you your grandma is glowing with pride, I can feel it from here...You rock!