Sunday, December 5, 2010


Last Sunday we woke up to a world of snow. Phil didn't have to be to his BYU ward until 9:00 and so he volunteered to drive me to church. I was happy to accept. I was quite early and so, as usual, I was going through my church bag as I take notes of all the announcements in both Sacrament meeting and Relief Society and needed to make sure I had a pen. (I forward the Relief Society bulletin with all the announcements in the body of that email.) In my search, I also found that I left home without my keys.

The people behind were watching when I made the discovery. They also heard me say that Phil wouldn't be home until the middle of the afternoon. Our church was over at noon.

"Don't worry about it, Lynne," said LouAnn. "You can come home with us."

"You should carry an extra key in your wallet," her husband said.

And there you go. The difference between women and men.


Annette said...

Very true observation!

The Peterson Family said...

This is so hilarious and yet SOOO true!!
Miss You.

Michael Rawluk said...

I always have a spare house key and car key with me. I can leave my keys in the house or car and not have to swear.

hillary said...

Where do boys come up with that stuff?

I bet if I told him I lost my phone he'd say "where did you have it last?"

Kathy said...

*laughing* very true. The old 'problem solver' vs 'nurturer', that's just one of the reasons why we need one another.