Thursday, December 16, 2010


A message came in my inbox this morning, just in time, I might add because I woke up feeling like the world was coming to and end and I was caught with a kitchen in disarray, laundry not done, shopping incomplete, a friend who misunderstood me, the diet not started, cats that need to find a new home but a daughter not understanding why, things I can't fix and relationships I haven't tended well enough, Christmas candy still unmade, a birthday present undelivered, letters not written, cookies not baked--they must be ready by 3:30 when my Achievement Days girls are going caroling to the widows in our ward and leaving them a package of cookies (that they probably don't want)--, the date for the Christmas dinner not decided on, food not purchased, packages not mailed, clutter, clutter everywhere, blogs I've neglected, watercolors still in the same spot I put them in two months ago when I was ambitious and thought I could do it all, eternal differences of opinion, and the Christmas tree still not decorated. Maybe your life is like this, too. If so, put your name where mine is in the following quote:

"Tell me, Lynne, if you were to walk out of your home tomorrow morning, gaze upward into the heavens and see me there, in all my splendor, pacing, pining, and worrying; hoping, wishing, and yearning; and questioning whether or not my boldest dreams would ever come true, would you or would you not, wonder if I had gone stark raving mad?

"Well then...? The Universe

"Lynne, you're every bit as splendid."

If you would like words of encouragement, sign up with "The Universe," here. And I hope you can afford to hire a maid...but then, you'd clean before she came. I know that, because that's what I would do.

So, in the midst of all the minutia and undone tasks, my wish for you today is that your burden's be light, along with your worrying, and that you might have a song in your heart .


Laura~peach~ said...


whirligigdaisy said...

Ah. I get the Universe messages, but for some reason I missed this one. And it's a good one. I hope we all listen. Love you.

Colette Amelia said...

ahhh I found comfort in that message too! And even though I am not as high functioning or at least high goal setting as you I too feel like I am behind even though I haven't got anything planned!

Been thinking that I haven't heard from you in ages...but then I have been remiss...Got a nasty congestion. Can't sleep, can't breathe (quietly) so I guess that is my excuse.

Take care and maybe plan less so you can have success in getting through what only any mere mortal could possibly do! Don't worry!

hillary said...

You can charm actual warts, can you charm worry warts too? I bet so. You're that super.

I love you the very most.

hillary said...

Alzabeth loves the stinky cats more than she loves Max and Liza. HOW RUDIE pants of her.

Karen Deborah said...

awh Lynne I haven't been able to do anything. i just recently have been able to type again. the reason for the season is the joy. Not all those lists. Jesus came to bring us liberty and peace. I'm going to pray for you to get a dose of that. Too many burdens are clouding up your Christmas wonder and joy. sounds like somebody needs to come and give you a hand and a hug.
You know 98% of the stuff we worry about never happens-- so it must work right?
that should stop me but it doesn't.

Michael Rawluk said...

I like to do my worrying a 3 in the morning. There is nothing like worrying yourself into a sweat when you are trying to not wake the next person up.