Sunday, March 15, 2009


I haven't had any of the kids over for dinner since Christmas! I'm a horrible Mom. So today we had Kraut and The Soap Queen and their seven munchkins over. It was nice to have them all here. The kids were delightful and when they left I gave them all a bouncy ball. Here's some photos of their choices.

Oops, blogger is being obstinate. Photos tomorrow. That is if blogger is finished with it's snit.

Church was wonderful today. I will post some highlights, great tidbits, on Starlight later in the week, hopefully.

I feel so good after attending church. I love it. This was not always the case. When the kids were little we were ALWAYS hunting someone's shoes and by the time we got to church everyone was cranky. I could have eliminated the problem by doing the smart thing--getting ready the night before--but the night before I never thought about it. So it went, shoeless kids and frustrated mom and dad. Now the kids are gone and probably have their own shoeless Sundays.

I'd give almost anything to have the kids back, hunting shoes and being cranky at church for just one Sunday. So, I'm going to bed and think of each of them, all clean and ready for church and I'm going to remember looking down the row and loving them so much it hurt. I still love them so much it hurts but tonight I'm going to remember them with cowlicks, shirts buttoned wrong, shoelaces untied, remembering them being bored and drawing on the back of the Sacrament Meeting program, turning the page of the Hymn book to find the right page. No matter what page it was on they would start at hymn #1 and turn each page until they got to the page, even if it was 157 or 312. I learned to memorize the hymns as I couldn't count on reading them, that's for sure.

Have a great week and I hope blogger is being nicer to all of you.


Jessica said...

Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the insanity. There's plenty of it at my house, I tell you. And I know I, too, will miss it when it's gone.

JJ said...

Sometimes we never appreciate how good the craziness was till its gone, a wonderful post to remind me of that

hillary said...

I never did anything that wasn't sweet and lovely. I swear.

No really. I didn't. I'm a gem.

I love you so much it makes my heart hurt. And I miss you.

Shawn said...

Oh, I do miss having more kiddos around here. I just try to give Aydan a big squeeze whenever I miss my kids!

SuperCoolMom said...

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every minute of it!

tearese said...

I'll remember this post as we're late each sunday and My kids are whiney. I know I'll miss it someday!

Little Red Riding Hood said...

Oh, Grandma. You didn't invite me.