Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today I taught in Relief Society. I had my good friend, Faye help and she did a fabulous job. She is one of the survivors, a wonderful person and a great friend.

For a couple of weeks I preparing my talk about trials and somehow, this week it switched to peace and then I kind of shook both subjects up together. I will post what I remember of what I said and the comments people made on my Starlight blog, maybe even this week. That blog has been way neglected.

When I got home from church I made the cheater's version of Cafe Rio salads--vegetarian--and then I ate twice too much. It was Fast Sunday so I was starved.
Then--I never do this--I watched four hours of TV! Three old episodes of "House"...and the last hour of "Jesse Stone, Thin Ice." I love "House" but I am the only one here who does. I sat in the kitchen on a hard kitchen chair to watch two hours of it. He is a curmudgeon for sure, but there's just something about him, if you know what I mean.

Not very consistent, this day, talking about the Savior and how to prepare, spiritually, for life and then watching TV for four hours. It makes no sense.


Tierney said...

I am glad your lesson went well. I would most definitely come to a lesson taught by you! (I make "exceptions" for my Dad's lessons, too.) I want Cafe Rio salad. Hildy made it when I came to visit a while ago, and I LOVED it! You and Jason could have a little House fest together. Sometimes while I work he will watch 3 hours of House. Liesel had a thing for House. Go figure. I don't get it, but you and she could have chatted it up about him. Lots of love!


Annette said...

I wish I could have heard your lesson. I'm sure it was wonderful. You have 3 blogs? Amazing! If I don't have work tomorrow I'll try to come to the family history class, so keep me posted as to where it is. And, as for a picture of my deep, I doubt it will ever happen!

Cris n Nick said...

I love house too! I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm way behind on the series, but I love what I have seen.
You will have to give me your cafe rio recipe, I love that place.
I agree with you about spring, we've been trying to keep flowers in the house, just so something feels alive.

The Peterson Family said...

I wish I could have come and listened to your lesson. We talked about families in nursery - fun, but not nearly as inspiring as I'm sure you're lesson was. And I wish I could have watch House with you- even if it was on hard kitche chairs!

Shawn said...

I remember you talking about your lesson---or maybe it was in another post...

I bet you are an amazing teacher---I wish I could have been there---so funny and witty, yet insightful and spiritual---I bet that it was wonderful!

As for House---I love/hate him also---mainly hate him because I liked his British accent better when I watched him all those years.

Don't know why they couldn't have kept it---dumb producers.

hillary said...

I ment to call and wish you luck. I'm glad your lesson went well. I have good intentions but not so much with the follow through. Oh well. I havn't ever watched House. Oh that's right, you told me I wouldn't like it. FINE