Wednesday, March 4, 2009


An alert reader--who is also possibly brilliant--said that it isn't dumbness that gets us into all these rather interesting predicaments--like walking into the men's bathroom--Sheesh!--but rather our minds are so occupied with interesting/perhaps brilliant thoughts that the normal, mundane things go, "whoosh," right over our heads. She called it Einstein-itis. Thanks, Shan. It sounds so much better than feeling dumb.

Here Einstein is in the early years and later, when he got even more interesting. But look at the eyes. Exactly the same.
Einstein was so preoccupied with interesting things that, well, he probably walked into the Ladies bathroom. I heard a story about him once, that reminds me of Kraut. Kraut is also interesting. It is his fault I am a night owl. He was so interesting as a teenager that I couldn't leave and go to bed. Therefore I had a case of terminal sleep deprivation. Now it's a habit.

See how this works? You start with one thought and pretty soon you are galloping off, in a complete different direction.

Back to the story: Einstein was sitting at his desk, visiting with someone and Einstein got thirsty. So he peeled an orange. But his guest was fascinating and their talk was lively and he forgot to eat it. Later, he noticed that he was thirsty. So, he peeled an orange. Then: interesting talk, thirst, orange. By the time he finally realized what he was doing he had seven oranges peeled, and uneaten, on his desk.

Kraut is like that. He gets distracted by interesting things. He once told me he looked a word up in the dictionary and then, because it was surrounded by other interesting words, he didn't get back to what he was doing for a l-o-n-g time. I don't remember for sure but I think it was an hour.

Okay, today's Einstein-ish moment:

The other day I was at Day's Thriftway buying groceries. I ran my card through the terminal. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. My favorite checker, Shawn, said, "turn it around." I did. Nothing. He took my card and he ran it through. Nothing. He turned it around. Nothing. Then he looked at it, handed it back to me and said, "This is your Border's Reward Card."

I am not alone. My favorite checker is also a member of the Einstein club.


Colette Amelia said...

it has been a crazy week! company and shopping and company...and cooking...then I got tired so no blog reading but I am so glad that I got caught up.

Thanks I needed that!

The basement house looks like it you have that problem in Utah?

Shawn said...

I didn't know that what I had was called

I am feeling rather brilliant then--not dumb---as Einstein was touted as being brilliant, right?

So, we have something else in common---brilliant dumbness.

Tierney said...

Well, considering what Borders charges for books, maybe they should pick up the grocery tab once in a while. Yes. I very much agree that it is hard to pay attention to earthly things when one's mind is focused on such lofty thoughts.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

so far there is nothing listed that has not been done before here... I had to giggle at the dictionary one... I do that.
Love these humanisms thay just make me smile!

Michael Rawluk said...

I tried paying for groceries with my library card once. Didn't work.

As to restrooms, the city where I used to live has a very nice theatre. It seemed inevitable that a woman would come in and look puzzled by the short guy, I mean the not tall guy standing at the urinal.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm so glad I'm not floating along in the world of "ditsy" alone, Lynne.

Shan said...

This is pretty much my favorite post. I feel honored to have contributed. Plus, also, I've decided that I need to be your real life friend and not just your blog friend. I think Hillyerie must have hit the mom lottery in heaven. I'll tell Hillyerie to arrange a play date for us all.

Annette said...

Love your thoughts about Einstein and your new flower picture. They both cheered me up!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Gilmore Girl are planning a blog party on the lawn this summer. We will make sure Mrs. Bird is there. Everyone can eat and gab...oh, wait. With Mrs. Bird no one else will have to talk. She'll keep everyone entertained for hours. I'm not kidding!

n7gmt said...

<lol> reminds me of that one bit from I.Q. — you know, the one with what's-her-name and what's-his-face: "He's not an idiot-savant; he's the real thing: he's an idiot-idiot!" (said with a snooty British accent, of course)

(Now I've I.Q. quotes zinging though my head; how am I supposed to get any work done now?! "It was a vicious tree!" "Wa-HOO!" "You need a license?")