Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sometime, somewhere in my recent Internet surfing I have filled out a form. I know not were. Or when. Or why. But I filled it out WITH MY TELEPHONE NUMBER. What was I thinking?

You know where this is going, don't you?

My name was sold and I have had offers from many people. House movers, insurance agents, fitness clubs, you name it.

We got fifteen calls with "unavailable" as the caller ID that first morning. They started at 8:00 am! Are they nuts? I'm barely coherent at 8:00 am. And besides that I was still recovering from the stomach flu and so Phil had to talk to fifteen people offering such things as online degrees for whatever was my heart's desire.

So, today, when the calls were driving us nuts we fled the house and went for a walk. That fitness center is free and has fresh air and as a bonus we get waves from friendly neighbors.

Lesson learned: Do NOT fill out a form online. Unless you need insurance for your dog or you want you yard sprayed for spiders and snakes. Snakes?! Holy Moley.

Now, when Phil sees an un-announced caller, he lifts the receiver and puts it back down. And then he gives me "the look" and I contemplate changing my name and moving to another state. Again.


Shan said...

Let me begin by saying that I'm the first to comment on your blog this day and that is no small accomplshment, given all of your adoring fans.

Plus, also, don't move yet. I've still got to come to your house with that Hillyerie girl. If you moved and changed your name, I'd never find you.

Plus, also, I am so sorry about you slipping out of lucidity for that one moment when you gave out your real number. I like to make up numbers for those things and I often wonder what poor victim is getting my telemarketing calls. Maybe it's you. I should be ashamed!

Michael Rawluk said...

I like to talk to telemarketers. Talk about the weather. Kids whatever. Maybe I will start discussing my health.
Maybe you should tell them you are suicidal because of all the phone calls and ask for good ways to do the deed.
They hate wasting their time.

Shawn said...

Do you know that there is a place that you can register online so that you don't get telemarketing calls on your cell phone.

But I can't remember the website---so look it up and do it! If you register---it lasts for 5 years or something. I did it and haven't had a single one...

Good luck, my dear.

my word verification: Torme (like Mel, right?)

Supercool Hotmama said...

I read a great idea, just say, "Could you hold a moment please?" and then set the phone down and walk away. LOL! I'm dying to try it!

Bonnie said...

My neighbor always whispers, "We are having a viewing of my dearly departed (mother, father, son, etc.) right now in my living room. I just can't talk to anyone about anything, so many expenses, and I am so sad..... I have tried it and they generally apologize and hang up.

Randy used to either pretend to be old and deaf or speak with an accent and he would either yell into the phone, "What? I can't hear you" or in very broken English he'd say, "No speaka da English." I loved listening to him do that, and they always hung up right away.

However, I love Hotmama's idea of putting the phone down and walking away.

Tierney said...

It is truly awful when your phone number gets sold to the dogs. poor llama. I am glad to hear you aren't being mean to the poor little soldiers who are doing their jobs,though

hillary said...

That Bonnie is funny. I don't think it's being mean to them, they'll have great stories to tell at their dinner table every night.

I'm bloggless. Ho hum

Can't get the nerve for the hate nicholas sparks post.

Pam's Place said...

Maybe we will just have to communicate thru out blogs. I can't believe even the latest emails have bounced back! Call me if you get this tonight. It's 12:39 a.m. (Friday now)

Pam's Place said...

oops. I meant through "our" blogs.

Muum said...

oh, that is so irritating. right now I have a recorded message that leaves a message on my voice mail 'we've tried to callyou about your expiring auto warranty/ credit card interest rate.. and this is the last time we will call (they SAY that, but they always call again) then when you push the button to talk to a person, the live person starts their pitch and if I say, 'put me on the do not call lis....' they hang up!!!!! SCREAMM!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

You are welcome to borrow my two year old. She loves to answer phones.

JJ said...

telemarketers are such a pain indeed, makes me wary of online forms, but sometimes you have to

As for my people in the park shots, it was all on the same day just seems some feel the cold more than others