Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am not political. I don't really understand politics. I am not a flag waver although I love my country and the flag and freedom and all else that our country stands for. Mostly, I love what this country stands for. I certainly don't like the things the American media is sending out to the world--R rated movies, PG 13 movies that should be R rated, etc. and all the crap--pardon my language--that is on TV--all the violence and crime shows and everything else--except "House," which may have some redeeming value as it gives us ideas for new illnesses we might think we have--even if he is an impossible curmudgeon, and "Lost," which is so ridiculous with all the twists and turns and back stories and forward stories and hidden meanings that you keep watching just to keep your mind active. But today I am going to be political, just this once.

Rich woman and rich men are going to be taxed, heavily. Here is what I think will happen.

Rich wife: Honey, I am going to be taxed so much that it isn't going to be worth it to run my little business anymore--her "little" business is worth a hefty sum.

Rich husband: I am going to be taxed on my business/businesses, too that I don't think it's worth all the never ending work it takes to keep my business/businesses running .

Rich wife: What should we do?

Rich husband: Let's quit. Let's down size. Sell the winter home and the summer home and just live in this one house, like normal people.

Rich wife: I think that makes a lot of sense. I would have time to clean my own house if I didn't have a business to run.

Rich husband: Let's do it.

So they do and hundreds of people are out of work, everyone from the maid who did the dusting to the vice presidents of the companies. The economy takes a nose dive as they are not the only ones who think all the hard work is no longer worth it. Rich people all over the country will think it is no longer worth it. Who provides jobs for the masses? The rich people. And what will happen if the rich people are taxed right out of business? More poverty for the common man. I'm not saying that rich people shouldn't pay taxes, I'm just saying, be careful, America. It's the rich that keep the economy going by providing jobs and when it no longer becomes worth it...well, what do you think will happen?

And that is why rich women will soon blog. They will have time. They will live like normal people and look for other avenues for their creative talents. Besides dusting, that is.


Pam's Place said...

Yes. It just sounds so right to "take from the rich and give to the poor", but it just doesn't work. It has been tried over and over, and it has never worked.

Great post, Lynne.

hillary said...

Duster ladies who are out of a job due to all those richies thinking they can clean their own houses,I will trade you dusting for hair cuts. And any bathroom cleaners I will cut, color, style, curl, pin your hair in trade for a sparkly clean bathroom. Plus, I will rub your feet. Call me.

Annette said...

You should write a book, "Economics for Dummies." Very insightful.

Karen Deborah said...

you are absolutely right which is why the politicians are destroying the economy right now, not helping it.

Jessica said...


I have many strong opinions on the subject, but I will keep off my soap box while commenting on your blog.

Now I'm all worked up... Grrrr...

Shan said...

I wouldn't mind being rich enough to have this dilemma. I also wouldn't mind some of those rich taxes paying me more of a teaching salary. That's all I have to say about that.

tearese said...

very insightful. I am not and will never be rich, but I hate the mentality of those who want to punish people for having more than they do. Everyone has their problems associated with the station they have in life!