Monday, January 11, 2010


You won't believe what we saw today. We hardly believe it ourselves.

Phil and I have been sitting in front of a "Beam Ray," on and off for several weeks. (Originally developed by Royal Rife--as in the "Rife machine.") The Beam Ray helps the body fight off bacteria, viruses, even cancer. We took two weeks off for Christmas and at the end of the two weeks I got sick.

Today when we got there the room was full of interesting people. One woman had on white stretchy pants that were really form fitting. I tried not to look at her and was kind of embarrassed. She had to drive her husband somewhere and before she left she put her pants on! She came back in about a half hour and, as can be expected, took her pants right off. The white stretchy pants were her thermal underwear. I guess we should be glad she left the rest of her clothes on.
Is it just us or is this totally weird? And inappropriate? And embarrassing? And, like I said before, plain and simple, weird.


Lorraine said...

hmmm doesn't bother me, but then again she could have stripped naked and it still wouldn't have bothered, but being around so many people would have...I guess we all have our comfort levels ;)

Julie Harward said...

Nowadays, people wear anything anywhere! You see them in stinky wrinkled flannel pj's everywhere! It seems like people just don't care anymore! Crazy for sure! Come say hi :D

tearese said...

Leggings are coming back into style, maybe she figured it was just like wearing leggings?
I hope you are feeling better than you have been- our computer had a virus and we had to redo our whole system, and I'm just now getting my blogs back on my bookmarks list.
Glad I remembered yours!

Annette said...

I'd like to have seen your faces and the faces of the others in the room! You painted a very funny picture in my mind. Thanks for the laugh.

Nickie said...

What's so weird about that? I strut in my thermals all the time, it's a great way to meet "interesting" people. You should try it, before you knock it y'know.
Loves to you!

hillary said...

Those are the kind of people who do weird Beam rayish stuff. Watch out. Plus, if I had the body like that girl in your thermal undies picture I might strut my stuff half nakie too. But I still don't wanna go to Beam Ray.


aldersen said...

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