Friday, January 8, 2010


We started our "Losing it--if not the weight, then our minds" blog. No one will want to read it because it will be boring, but it's to help keep us accountable.

Tonight I got that strange pain in my armpit again. I was scared out of my mind for and thought, I didn't change my diet quick enough and I'm going to die--again! Not that I actually died the first time but I thought I was going to. But the pain went away after about five minutes so maybe, just maybe I'm not too late.

Pam will be there, daily, hourly, if I need her--she's that kind of a girl--to encourage me, to keep me on track. It's good to have a cohort in this business of changing my life for the better.

I met Pam when I was assigned to be her visiting teacher. I went alone the first month because my partner was a young mother and couldn't get away. I was glad because I got to meet Pam alone and we both knew we would be friends. (For those who are Mormon you are probably wondering why I didn't already know Pam, if I was in her ward. That is because 24 years earlier they had split our ward and then, wonder of wonder, they put us back together. Anyway, Pam wasn't in the original ward, she had moved in just a few years earlier so I didn't know her from before. Is this confusing enough?)

So, blog number four. Not that "
Walking in Starlight" ever gets written on and not that the Cookbook gets written on much.

So, what things are new with you?


Lorraine said...

I'll go see what you got lol
ps re pain in the armpit, I've had that severe at times, always goes away sometimes even a little bump and still it goes away, and that started in my 20s and I'm 50 and I'm still not dead. Fear will always be our worst ennemies...

Laura ~Peach~ said...

too much happens around here for me to leave in a comment for the short version put on a seat belt and go read my blog... later today... cause i need to load some pictures... HUGS and i happen to like your cooking blog and of course this one too... i am not good at keeping up with all my blog buddies but, I am trying to be better :)
Love n hugs Laura

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

please go have a cardiac catheterization done! It's the gold standard to rule out heart disease- at least then, you'll know. xoxo

Colette Amelia said...

And I was in no doubt that you would do it! Brilliant you are!

Now you think the pain is only from poor eating?

maybe you should widen the search for causes...or maybe I should send Michael down there to check out your electronics!

Shawn said...

Check on that pain, girl----and you go, girl---on getting your new blog going---I will have to check it out!