Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have heard this story twice, from two different sources--one of my sources was Mrs. Bird, who heard it from her chiropractor. Each version was a little different so I know that true version is not exactly either one of them but I'll put it down as I heard it. Please don't judge me for repeating this story. I'm not making fun, just reporting a story that will be buzzing around here for a long time to come.

A high functioning Down Syndrome boy called his mom at work. Now, this boy--actually he is a man--is a very responsible person and the family trusts him to handle life as it comes. Therefore the mom holds a job and checks in with him during the day but this day, he called her.

"Mom! You've got to come home. I've caught a troll!" He was very excited and kept repeating, "I've caught a troll!"

The mom has heard all kinds of things from her boy so she wasn't too worried. She said things like, "Really?" and "Well, you take care of him, okay?"

She didn't think too much about it until she got the second call, two hours later.

"Mom! Come home and see my troll!"

The mom asked her boss if she could have an hour off. Her boss is very understanding and when he heard about the troll he told her, sure, go see what the ruckus is all about.

When she got home her son grabbed her by the hand and practically pulled her to his bedroom. There she saw all his bedroom furniture piled against the closet door. "Help," came a voice from behind the door.

"Ohmygosh," she said. (This is a Utah saying, and sadly, I know it only too well. It escapes my lips on many an occasion.)

"Help me get this furniture out of the way," she said.

Her son was so excited he was dancing all over the room. "A troll, I told you so. I caught a troll."

One version of the story said he had been sliding Skittles under the door--that I think is one of the exaggerations, but it is a nice detail.

So, when all the furniture was moved and they opened the door, there, sitting on the floor was a dwarf. He was a Jehovah's Witness. He said he wouldn't prosecute. He understood how the boy could mistake him for a troll. He was very understanding.

And that is why missionaries, of any faith--or size--, should always go two by two.

PS I've been notified--by Mr./Mrs. Anonymous--that this is not true. What a disappointment. Here's the Snoops article. I usually check with Snoops as I get emails about the most outlandish things. This story did gave Mrs. Bird and me--and her chiropractor and my dentist--a good laugh. Hope you got one too.


The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

hahahaha I haven't heard that one before!

Annette said...

Love it!

Michael Rawluk said...

I will have to remember that when the next time I hear them knocking on my door.

hillary said...

That is much funnier than when Ruby saw the small lady person sitting on the floor of Savers looking at childrens books, and said (yelled) "look at that FAT GIRL".

TeamGornold said...

you have been busy. b tells me you made a bee. i went looking for it on your blog. you need to post it!
oh and i finally blogged. took me forever i know.
love you and will see you on saturday.

tearese said...

ohmygosh. What a great story.

Mental P Mama said...

That is so cute! I thought it was going to be a Skittle with a dust bunny attached!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...


cheeky curves said...

I should laugh but that is so funny

The Favorite daughter said...

Well...I think Mrs. Bird will believe ANY story from a nurse at the Dr. office. The recent "Raccoon" story is much better. And as soon as they have moved out of Mrs. Birds house...what will we have to talk about? Oh....I'm not worried!

Tierney said...

ha-ha-ha. The Mormons would be smart enough to send a linebacker with the Troll. I would be willing to be locked in a closet for Skittles

Anonymous said...

it must be fun posting fake internet rumors.