Sunday, May 30, 2010


Another funeral last week--the husband of my dear friend. He had polio as a youngster and it came back, as it sometimes does, and he had difficulty walking, more and more as time went on, until his muscle tone was simply gone and his body shut down. He was a gentle man and here are two thoughts that (hopefully) will change the way I treat others.
Fred always wore a straw hat while
walking around the neighborhood.

One man said something like this: Uncle Fred and I used to go golfing. I'm not a very good golfer but all I needed was one good shot. For the next few days Uncle Fred would say, over and over, "Remember that great stroke you hit? That was a good shot." Then he said, "Uncle Fred was that way for everyone, all through life--always remembering our good points."

Then a young woman said, "The only way to take the sorrow out of death is to take the love out of life." Then she went on to say, "Most of all, I remember how Uncle Fred made us feel."

This is how I want to live my life. I want to help people realize how truly wonderful they are--and everyone is wonderful, they just might not realize it.

Thanks, Fred, you will be missed. I hope to be a better person because of your example.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

am attempting to play catch up... am sorry to hear about your eye... am grateful however for the facts you presented excellent positive thought process there. Its been crazy here as usual, but God is Good every day :)
hugs Laura

Nickie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Fred, sounds like he was a pretty amazing guy.
Lynne, I'm so sorry about your cute little eyeball, I'm glad it wasn't a stroke and I'm glad you're still here and it wasn't your funeral we were remembering (no offense to Uncle Fred). You are such a cool person, I'm sorry something so scary happened to you.
On the upside, I think you would look pretty hot with an eyepatch. We could go nuts with a BeDazzler and have you all blinged out.
I love you and hope you're okay!

hillary said...

Uh. Have you met yourself. You are the funnest most loved person that ever lived. And that, people, is why I can not speak at my mother's funeral. I will be bawling my very eyes out.

The end

PS I like that Nickie person too, she's a pleasure.

tierneyzan said...

I love the quote about the only way to take the pain out of death being to take the love out of life