Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I subscribe to and get a daily email telling me about recipes with good reviews. Tonight I was reading the reviews from the email and one reviewer had something interesting so I clicked on her profile to see what else she had reviewed.

Her latest reviews are first and she called her husband "DH." Earlier she had called him "husband." Earlier still she called him "my husband." That kind of has a possessive flavor doesn't it? Still further back he was "fiance" and then "my fiance." Further back he was her "b/f." Earlier posts called him "boyfriend" and then further back was the possessive "my boyfriend." Before that she said things like "my neighbors really liked this one."

I want to know the whole story of the romance and the wedding. Did the neighbors introduce them? Did she know him from work? How pathetic is this? I don't know this woman at all, in fact I don't even remember her name.

My conclusion is that I have no life and have to borrow the not-even-told story of someone else's.

Or maybe this rotten cold has my brain so addled that all reason has flown out the window.

Tell me you do this too, that I'm not the only unreasonably snoopy woman on the planet. I don't want to be odd, I really don't unless I can be odd in a good way. So lie and say, "I do this too," or else say something like, "Lynne, you are not odd, you're coughunreasonablysnoopycough charming."

On second thought, maybe you better not say anything at all. Just go away and pretend you don't know me. It's better that way.


Mrsupole said...

Lynne, you are truly not odd. LOL

I think that is why we click on someone's profile and read the things they have written about themselves. Or even why we read each other's blogs anyway. We learn things about these people that we will probably never meet in real life. Although someone once suggested that someday we all go on a Blogging Buddy cruise. But then we would have to leave our laptops at home because everyone would be in their cabin blogging about the cruise and not really out there meeting each other. Just kidding, we would go crazy clicking pics and recording things to put on our blogs later.

It is fun when people actually put pictures of themselves on their blog and then we do feel like we know them a little better.

Maybe you should leave a comment for this lady and start up a blogging buddy penpal relationship. The only difference with having a computer to do the penpal thing, is that you do not have to wait weeks and weeks for the letter in the snailmail. We can somehow get almost instant gratification with our computers. I think that is why we enjoy it so much, and yes, we love being snoopy about others. I think that is why reality TV is so successful and those tabloids, but I think we are more honest in that we can only find out things about someone that the person is usually willing to share. I think that is why I never read tabloids because they write things that are usually private, whereas here it becomes public once you click.

And so now I want to know her story too. Yeah, I think you are normal, and not odd at all.

God bless.

Michael Rawluk said...

That would make an interesting play. A woman sits reading about other people's lives. Living her entire life through other people.

Well, maybe it would not be that interesting.

Julie Harward said...

We are all nosey and you are a funny lady! Come say hi :D

Annette said...

You are very good at reading between the lines, which makes life very interesting--for you and for those of us who get to read about what is going on in your mind

hillary said...

You're nosey. And a blabber of the mouth, plus also, you are right, I was.... I mean, I bet that tootie shopper was laughing her head off at your post.