Saturday, February 28, 2009


Utah is a beautifully state. We have a little bit of everything. Mountain streams empty into rivers which feed lakes. We have deserts, national parks, wonderful cities, quaint towns--some so small they are merely a string of houses with a minuscule post office. photo by Pamela Stubbs
Photo by Ryanee Walker
Photo by Alvin Sherman
Photo by Shaunna Fuller
We have lots of land-owners/homeowners who keep their property and homes in pristine condition. Lawns that look like velvet, gardens that are neat and beautiful. But I have been noticing that sometimes people keep "stuff." Stuff they must think has value. Stuff that is simply junk.

Here's some stuff/junk I have seen lately. This will be an ongoing feature as I attempt to see my own stuff as junk and get rid of it. So, for me, this is a motivational post, although these junk-keepers make my garage full of chairs and boxes of Gourmet magazines look pathetic. These junk owners are serious!

This stuff/junk was so intriguing... that I zoomed in for a closer look. What is all that stuff? The only things I recognize is the cinder blocks. And maybe a motorcycle or maybe it's parts of more than one motorcycle.
This looks like a defunct swamp cooler. Swamp coolers are used in Utah because it is such a dry state. Therefore, the owner may think he can fix this one.
Here are more cinder blocks--we must really value cinder blocks in this state--, firewood, tread-less tires, an empty spool that held electrical wire and a couple of coolers.
A truck topper that has seen better days. And a fan. When the hot weather returns I wonder if the owner will come out and clean the fan off and bring it inside. He should talk to the guy with the defunct swamp cooler.
This is the favorite of this set of photos. I hope I can remember where it is so I can go back in the summer and see if they have tidied things up, although from the look of the blinds maybe they will not tidy things up, maybe this is the perpetual state of affairs--or maybe they have a toddler who is a blinds-messer-upper. I think this family has high aspirations to be shabby chic. I hope they make it.


Colette Amelia said...

how does junk accumulate so fast? you should see our balcony! wood and stuff and more stuff...all good of course but all not being used and making the balcony unusuable!

Annette said...

I promise you I will not be taking a picture of my "deep" for you to put on your blog! It would fit right in, though. Just looking at these pictures has inspired me to go dejunk.

Pam's Place said...

Loved the sequence of Utah pictures here, Lynne. From the sublime to the ridiculous. I just wish you hadn't shown my yard.

Karen Deborah said...

yechhhhh now that is SCARY! a junk yard, all that's missing is a junk yard dog. Are you sure a family lives there and not just some very strange man?

Damama T said...

ROFL!! I have a house I could add to your post. These people have everything from a hot tub to an old wheel chair in their yard. Maybe you should make this one of those weekly photo series thingies that are so popular! I bet there are lots of people who'd play along! LOLOLOL!

Shawn said...

Heh, heh, heh....Shabby chic...

Love it!

hillary said...

I have a "junk in the yard" picture for you. I made Maxi drive by just for you. And NO it is not a picture of your yard (or garage) Bless your heart.