Friday, October 16, 2009


Oh, lookie, the Great Pumpkin is back. I'll just smell him to make sure he's the real thing.I better smell everything, while I'm at it.Hey, did anyone over there see when the great pumpkin came back?
He brought Ghostie with him. I don't much like Ghostie, he's a cheerful sot, way too cheerful and stands way too tall. He annoys me in a ghostly, cheerful, tall, sort of way.Kramer, are you down there? The Great Pumpkin came back along with annoying Ghostie but you are not invited to the party. Ha! That's how much you know. I am the party. I am a party animal. You are just a squinty, annoying cat. I will not even look at you until you apologize for wearing my handsome, manly devil costume. See me ignoring you? See? Well, all-rightie-then, if you're going to be that way, see if I care. I'll just see what is in the pumpkin.
Oof! It's kind of a tight fit, but I can do it because I'm pretty. Not squinty! Pretty. And pretty darn flexible, too.
And then I turn around a few times and then some more. Aah! This is the perfect spot Until she starts to snore. It echoes. An echoing-snoring-cat-in-a-pumpkin is not any one's idea of great Halloween fun.
A snoring, Halloween-pumpkin-cat is enough to give Kramer the evil eye.

It's all fun and games around here.


Lorraine said...

Precious, precious, precious, I laughed so hard I woke my kittens lol I love this, how creative you are and funny and witty and smart...did I mention I love this?

Anonymous said...

Looks like my Luigi Pacasso kitty, I lost him last year to fus. He is now in heaven playing.

TeamGornold said...

what a good pumpkin

Michael Rawluk said...

It looks like the start of a Stephen King novel.

Cindy said...

That is too cute, and you are so creative to share the story in such a fun way!!

hillary said...

You forgot the bit about when the Ruby turns on the spinning bat and Pika gets perplexed.

Also, Kramer aka "rat dog" forgot about the running into the brick wall of Pika's face.

Lezlie said...

This pics are great! Cozy kitty... did she go into a depression when pumpkin was packed away?