Friday, October 9, 2009


These are scrubbies, made of nylon net. Well, they are sort of scrubbies. They are supposed to look more like the one at the bottom, right, only they should look better. But, because I am a novice-scrubbie-maker they look like taco's. I think my personal history class is going to get these failures. I'm nice like that, giving my failures away to my friends.

The scrubbies do work, cleaning sinks in a jiffy and if my friends get hungry while cleaning they can just add meat, lettuce, cheese and salsa. Sour cream if they are feeling skinny.

When eating one of my taco-scrubbies you don't have to brush your teeth. They clean while you eat. Maybe Taco Bell should add these babies to their menu. I'm going send them my marketing plan. When you order at the drive up window just ask for self-tooth-cleaning tacos.

This is going to make me rich, I just know it.


dyanna said...

I like your blog very much.I'm waiting for your new posts.
Have a nice day.

Lorraine said...

Lol you're too funny, they do say to add more wool to your diet...or is that fiber, hmmm, an intestine warmer, you are going to be rich, you're so funny, I love all the pinkies, they're adorable ;)

Betsy said...

tee-hee! Yes, and not to mention all that extra fiber!

Cindy said...

Ummm, I wouldn't hold your breath!!

You always bring a smile to my face!!

Annette said...

Nylon net? I've never heard of doing that. The nice thing about these cute pink taco/scrubbies is that each is "one of a kind," and you could market them as such.

Julie said...

You are a "hoot" as they say here in the Midwest - reading your blog always brings about the giggles - thank you for that - we can all use a "lynne" in our life to make us laugh and smile.

hillary said...

I can't find my "one of a kind" scrubbie. I think Maddy swiped it for her own self. I will scour (pardon the pun) my house for it, but I may need another one.

Maddy says they are "wonkey"

PS she LOVE LOVES her cupcake jammies.

PPS my word verif was "worthe"

The Motherboard said...

I love those! My Grandma used to make me those ALL the time!