Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I didn't get enough sleep last night so I decided to see if Wayne Dyer was right--see the end of yesterday's post--that when you meditate it is worth several hours of sleep. I was deep into meditation when "Yowl, yowl, yowl," that was Minkey standing in the doorway. Who knows what he wanted? He finally went away. In five minutes he was back, "yowlyowlyoowwwll."


Even with the interruptions the meditation was good. I felt refreshed and I'm still up. Sadly, I'm still up. In two minutes it will be midnight. If Minkey realized it was almost the witching hour he would be yowling again. He never misses an opportunity to be annoying.

If anyone in Utah Valley wants to learn how to meditate call Harmony House in Orem, Utah. 801-434-8800. 1145 East 800 North, Orem, Utah (It's the basement office.) The office looks like a house, it's on the north side of the street. They will teach you for free. Even if you have an annoying cat in the house.

PS They are teaching a class tomorrow night, Thursday, October 22 at 7:00. So worth it.

PPS Stop by my house first and get your free cat (just in timefor Halloween). A bargain you shouldn't pass up.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wish utah was in Georgia :) then I could come too I have a yowling cat thanks though...

Annette said...

Yesterday, as I talked with you, I realized that your eyes truly are "the window of your soul." And your soul is so loving and comforting.

hillary said... Classifieds. It's a good thing.

The end.

Shan said...

Minky and I used to be friends until Kramer moved in. Now he doesn't love me best because I like the little dog too. Cats are like that you know. Maybe that's what's wrong with Minky--he's feeling especially mournful because there is a cute little dog in his house.

TeamGornold said...

i LOVE the photo of pika in the pumpkin. i laughed and laughed.
i wish i didn't feel like a 'tard whenever i have tried to meditate.
love you

Lorraine said...

lOL too funny, I'd take your cat anytime, ps I think he wants to play since you know you can't sleep...of maybe it's really the kittens' Ommmmmm ;)

Love this

Tierney said...

wow. I could just meditate twice a day and not need sleep. maybe three times if I was especially tired.