Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Phil and I went to a meditation class today and here are a few things I learned.

People who have a lot of pain are gifted. They are just using it backwards. My knees are gifted and they bend the wrong way, I guess. But this is a concept I'm going to think about.

People with anxiety have a HUGE POTENTIAL to feel a lot of peace. How about that, those of you who are stressed? this was very comforting to me. Peace. What more could we ask. Well, okay, money would be nice, but peace sounds pretty good at the moment.

Meditation teaches people to go into a relaxed state of awareness. Example: Driving and passing your exit and not realizing it until ten miles down the road. Ever done that?

With deeper relaxation and mediation you can learn how to make better choices.

Meditation will help you get better sleep.

People who can concentrate well can meditate well. Hum. Phil and Elizabeth talk to me and I say, "What?" It drives them crazy because they think I'm either deaf or don't listen to them. But I am thinking of something else or I am watching TV and the rest of the world is non-existent. My sister Pat could do this and I think she practically walked on water so I'm in good company. Maybe it's in the genes. So if your family asks if you are deaf just say you are a good concentrator and you would be a good meditator and get rid of bad choices, and pain and anxiety and let them scratch their heads.

A relaxed state makes concentration more focused--like a magnifying glass does, focusing the rays of the son on one spot.

Mediation helps you get out of self destructive state so you can make better choices. Did I already say that?

In our busy world we are so often in high gear that we need mediation to allow ourselves to focus and relax.

In voice mediation--like listening to a tape or even a live voice--you hear what you need to hear, even if you stop listening to the voice. Trust yourself.

That's it. The class was great and I had a lovely meditative experience, even a spiritual one, with my mom and two dad's showing up. I think they have been with me and with Elizabeth a lot in the last couple of weeks. It's been very comforting.

Oh, one more thing. Wayne Dyer wakes up at some horrible hour every morning--like 3:17 or some such time--and he gets up and stays up. He meditates later in the day and says that a meditaion is equal to several hours of sleep.


The Peterson Family said...

Well, I certainly don't have much time to sleep, so maybe I should try to eke in some meditation! No really, I'm not experienced or anything, but just taking a minute to sit up straght, strech my neck and shoulders and clear my head does wonders for me for hours....did I mention I'm not getting much sleep. But I'm surviving - by meditating. And I didn't even know it.

Lorraine said...

Lynne, I love this so much, it brought me some peace, thank you sweetie x

Jessica said...

Where did you take this class? Seriously, I need it, as you know. I'm a little messed up in the head. Or maybe a lot.

hillary said...

And some of us are so deep in peaceful meditation that we jump at the sound of someone coming into the room.

tearese said...

I'd rather get the sleep. I think Joseph must be a good meditator too,because he never hears what I'm saying to him.

Mental P Mama said...

I love to meditate, and go to groups...I wish I had better discipline to do it daily on my own...

Shan said...

I think that I don't know what to say about meditation because my attention span was not long enough to read it all. Was there something in there about that? I think you need that to be able to meditate.

Hubert S said...

I like meditating all the time even if it's few minutes just before lunch, it gets me back to the sense of balance,

T and S said...

Neat post on meditation, I was intrigued by that last part which says meditation is equal to a few hours of sleep. Worth exploring I guess.

Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Lynne, I just found your blog as a result of a google blog alert. It's lovely to read how you enjoyed the experience of meditation practice.

I thought I might just share the following regarding meditation practice and sleep.

Sleep, contrary to what we assume, can be disturbing as 'dreaming' can involve the processing of stuff that allows or exacerbates anxiety, fear etc.

Meditation practice, on the other hand, can help us with the practice of 'choiceless' and non-judgmental observation. This is such a healing experience because it effectively returns us to 'ground zero' which is our most natural state - peaceful, joyous, free, powerful and creative :)


Michael Rawluk said...

I must have immensely huge potential to find peace because I am a lump of anxiety.