Sunday, May 24, 2009


Dear Gilmore Girl,

Calm down. The Naked Lady's got replanted by the fence in the garden, but this is the worst time to move them and they possibly may never bloom again. I still have some to move but they will have to wait. I'm too stiff to dig another blasted hole. And our garden is STILL not planted and it is raining like Noah is the precipitation manager and he thinks everyone should build a boat. It is not a garden, it is a mud hole, waiting to devour anyone who turns a shovel in it's back. Mr. Smith should be our garden manager. We'd be eating tomatoes and zucchini by now.

Dear Everybody Else,

About Mrs. Bird. Every word I write is true. I promise. She is one of a kind. I have more amazing stores to tell. You will come to adore this interesting woman as much as I do. I will post a photo soon. She has forgotten more stories than you'd believe because she is always living another one. If you miss talking to her for a month or so you miss a whole volume of funny stuff.


Bonnie said...

I look forward to the photo and more stories.
I caught up with your blog this morning and left you comments of several of your posts. I wish I had your talent in writing.

Shan said...

1. I never saw a naked lady what that grows in ground. I'll have to look into that further.

2. I already had some Mr. Smith produce and it was yummy. I was in outer Mongolia the other day.

3. I wish Mrs. Bird was my neighbor. You are lucky.

Jessica said...

In response to the previous comment, how come when you introduce one friend to another, they become friends and nobody likes you anymore? (The "you" in this question, of course, refers to me.)

And also, I don't know about growing naked ladies and I'm afraid to google it.

That Mrs. Bird is a riot.

Cyberland Cyd said...

Naked ladies? I was disappointed to find out they are plants.

Alex said...

Buena composicion, me gusta como destacan los dos colores de estas flores.

Shawn said...

I think that I would love Mrs. Bird!

I hope that I am just like her when I grow up!

hillary said...

You don't know hole digging until you've dug in our rock infested yard. Mr Smith pulled out 2 BOULDERS from where we were going to plant 3 measly flowers. Then, of course, the holes were too big so we have to add dirt.

Thank you for not disposing of the Naked Ladies. I shall have some, but not right now.

Kathy said...


The Favorite daughter said...

Sometimes you have to just put the phone down for about 5 minutes when Mrs. Bird is starting one of her stories. When you come back from will have saved some time and skip the small, unimportant details of what time it was, what everyone was wearing and how it was made-part!!

Love her dearly though!