Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Both of us are slack-jawed-yawning-tired. We both need a nap. We were debating about what to have for dinner. How could we have a nap and have dinner too?

"I'll go get something to eat--a Costco chicken or something else, already fixed--and you can have a nap while I'm gone," I said.

"No, I'll go get something to eat and you can have a nap," Phil said.

"Okay," I said.

His little face got all brow-furrowing and he said, "Shoot!"

Ha ha. Dinner and a nap. How nice for me.


Anonymous said...

That was tricky, Lynne. Hope you had a most refreshing nap AND a delicious dinner.

Shan said...

mmmmmm...Costco chicken. Sleeping is not so bad either.

hillary said...

Shoot is right. my poor Dad. I hope he didn't run off the road.

You should probably have him say the family prayer.

Pepè said...

Vous êtes un femme très drôle. Pourquoi pas somme ensemble ? C'est toujours amusement. Mangez plus tard.

Jessica said...

Do you understand that Pepe's comment? If so, you are even more amazing than I knew.

I was frightened when I saw the title of your blog. (The dinner part. I would welcome the nap question!) I thought you were asking me. I get a little tired of that question. It starts being asked before breakfast. Thank you for not asking me. Sorry, Phil.

Shawn said...

You guys are the cutest! Hope your nap was amazing!

Tierney said...

This is a very nice little story. Sweet Phil. I hope he ran and got the chicken and then came home and took a nap of his own. Why would anyone EVER cook their own chicken (especially if they don't know how to) when Costco's are only $4.99???

zelzee said...

And he really didn't see that one coming?????