Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is one of the lawn swings that EVERY FREAKING DAY has bird poop on it. A robin, maybe a whole herd/gaggle/pride of robins, sit here every morning, noon and evening and sings so delightfully, so happy and then they relieve themselves. On both of the lawn swings. Bird poop, lots and lots of bird poop.Until today, because last night I put flat head thumb tacks on the bar on top. I hope he didn't hurt himself. (Sarcasm, a lot of sarcasm.)
I took care of him and now, someone took car of me.
My computer turns it's self off umpteen times a day. It wipes out whatever I've been working on.

It wiped out ALL my email since May 16th. I hadn't read today's yet, except for a couple.

I have a novel I am trying to work on. Nope, computer won't let me.

I have emails that need to get sent to the students in the class I'm attending for the Writer's for Young Reader's symposium at BYU. I'm already four days late in sending that and now the computer has wiped out the names and email addresses of all the students.

I fixed that Robin/that flock, fleet, flight of Robins.

I'm getting paid back right where it hurts--in the computer. And oh, it hurts. I'd rather sit on thumbtacks.

Gotta hurry and post this before the computer turns it's sel


hillary said...

Watch out, Mrs Bird.

Annette said...

I'm calling the humane society!!

Give me a call and I'll bring Gary over to see if he can do something for your computer. I don't want to have you pulling your hair out.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

So, was it enough to make you take the tacks off?

Shawn said...

Oh, I wish I had a porch swing!

So, I could get rid of birds too.
Sorry about your computer---but when you get it back----you need to go over to my blog---I gave you an award!

Also---I NEED your vote and all your friends votes, as I am the underdog in the MMB June best blog!

Thanks bunches, my dear!

Michael Rawluk said...

Does it lock the doors?
It might be overheating. Have you ever cleaned the fan?

zelzee said...

Great idea........(has PETA called yet?). Now what do you suggest for your car sitting outside? Never fails every day after work a bird has visited my driver side window......

Tierney said...

oh, poor little robins. I must say I felt sad for them when I saw the tacks. It must have made them so sad, to find their favorite singing place all unhospitable-like.

Camille said...

Lynne, hello, are you there? . . . :)

Nick said...

I love that idea, very nice.
I'm sorry you've been having computer problems, that stinks!
You've given me an idea for dinner too, I think I'll just run to costco for a chicken.

tearese said...

You should tape those down (Or maybe you did?) SO they don't fall unnoticed and one sits on them by accident!
THat sounds like it might be a virus on your computer, I hope it gets resolved! OUr screen saver of pictures -by which I am daily mesmerized and I love-has stopped working the last two weeks. It says its still setup and working,but it just isn't. I hope its not a sign of things to come....Imean, we just got this computer in February!

TeamGornold said...

i hope those tacks worked! bytheway, i am glad to not be a member of the 'special blog' where everyone looks so, i dunno...special!
and another thing... i am blogging again!
love you and miss you always

Astromom said...

I'm sure it wasn't punishment, but I do feel bad about the computer, it does seem when you need it to work the best this stuff happens.