Monday, July 5, 2010


Friday night I went to Justin Hackworth's photography show called "Thirty Strangers." He took photos of mothers and daughters--people he had never met--for thirty consecutive days. The show was held in downtown Provo in a lovely historic building.
Here are some of my favorites. My photographs of the photographs are awful, grainy and with reflections off the glass. Justin's were perfect, sharp focused and beautifully framed.
I love this one. Mom, by the door, daughter, on the steps, suggesting maybe she's thinking about moving on one day, just not yet.
I'm sorry this one didn't show up better. The love the nifty old wall behind them. I hope its in downtown Provo somewhere.
This is a very poor photo of Justin but I wanted you to see how unique he is. See the cool shoes with the suit? He is a talented man with innovative ideas. I love talking to him, he is charismatic. He makes me think of new possibilities, new things to try, perhaps even adopting a different attitude. (And he knows all about my camera. I wonder what I can trade for a couple of lessons since I still haven't read the manual.)

Justin and Amy, his very cute wife. She is also a great photographer, writer and quilt maker. They have two boys that I adore. Here is Amy with another talented artist, Lance Turner. Lance Turner took up pastel painting seven years ago at age 77, after a brilliant career in architectural design and advertising. He now wins awards for his pastel paintings. I would love to own one but they are out of my price range. I would have to trade one thousand pounds of caramels for one. That would kill Lance right off, and I'd be up for manslaughter.Justin's show was a great success. He is a unique man, one I am proud to call friend and his wife is one of my favorites for probably a hundred different reasons.

Here is his website. Go there. This is his blog. You should visit his blog. It's a bit sassy and funny. And this is his 30 Strangers project. If you are getting married he would be a great photographer. If you are a stranger, he is doing Thirty Strangers next year and you too could be hanging on a wall. Now that's a real conversation starter.

PS If you missed his opening you can still go. It will be open July 6-9 2pm – 5pm at 26 West Center Street – Provo Utah. It's worth the visit, really it is.

PPS One last photo. This door has the words "War Room" painted on it in white paint--the words don't show up in the photo. What do you suppose that means? Velly Intelesting.


Karen Deborah said...

cool, I'm like you wishing I could get better with a camera and never reading the manual. If someone would make a camera manual for Dummies they could get rich.

whirligigdaisy said...

I wish Justin all the success in the world. He deserves it.

Annette said...

I'm so glad you posted about his exhibit. It was wonderful, and make me cherish my relationships with my daughters.

Amy said...

Lynne, we were so glad you were there. Thanks so much for coming, and for saying so many nice things about us. Being loved by you is one of the best things about our lives in Edgemont. We love you, too, and are so thankful for you.

And you are funny and fun, and your blog is a delight to read.

tearese said...

thats funny, I think I know who this guy is because another blogger I read posted about his show last year (she's a photographer in Provo.)
Looks like fun!

tierneyzan said...

what a wonderful thing! I wish I could have attended with you. Then we could go to Heaps after, right??

Astromom said...

I should have read this blog earlier so I could have gone, at least I got to see a few of the pictures on your blog and I'll check out his site. I like the comment about the War room, definitely something supernatural going on there.